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Last Christmas I made a LOT of Coffee Sleeves before Christmas and one of those was for the tall one. You can find a link to a tutorial for them here. From the moment I gave it to him he decided that it made a cool cuff and then if you're wearing it and you grab a cup of coffee you can just whip it off and put it on your cup. Handy.

A few months ago he suggested, "You could make me a new cuff for Christmas."

Say what? You want me to craft something for you to WEAR?

Don't get me wrong, the tall one is super supportive of the crafting and he loves the stuff I add to our home and tolerates the whirlwind of me creating in the rec room. But to be honest, I never really expected a request for an accessory.

I didn't get around to making it for Christmas but this evening as we were hanging out (i.e. the tall one was organizing all of our new DVD's)...

I whipped up his new "Man Cuff".

He thinks it's pretty spiffy.

- 9 x 3.5 " piece of felt (for backing) and exterior material
- hair elastic
- button
- embroider thread
- needle

I usually make a pattern for anything I'm creating because I inevitably end up making more and it saves a lot of steps if I can just grab the pattern, pin and cut. After measuring his wrist I created a rectangle 9 " wide and 3.5 " tall. Based on the finished product I would likely add an inch to the length next time to insure that the edges wouldn't stick up.

Pin the pattern in place and cut a piece of felt for backing and an exterior fabric. I used a vintage brown stretch denim I found at the thrift store.

To add some interesting detail I used embroidery thread to add some "manly" stitching to the fabric. If you want to top stitch around the cuff later I'd suggest adding your stitching further away from the edges.

Pin your fabrics with right sides facing and add a hair elastic to the side that you'd like to sit on top when it overlaps. Insert your elastic between the fabrics about an inch (or pinch the elastic in half and place it in the fabric so half is inside and half is out.)

Sew around the fabric with a 1/4 " or less inseam and leave an opening for turning. Then, clip the corners and press the cuff (while inside out). My friend Lori says it helps the seams lay better :) Also trim the excess elastic off.

Turn the cuff right side out, poke out the corners and press again. It would have looked nice to top stitch the entire cuff as well as serve as the way you'd close the turning opening but my embroidery was too close the edge to I decided to forgo it. Instead I used embroidery thread to stitch the opening closed and didn't mind that the stitches were visible as they tied into the overall theme.

 Measure the cuff on the wrist and place the button so that the end of the elastic goes just beyond the thread holes on the button. Sew the button in place and you are finished.

Look at him all trendy and cool wearing a man cuff. 

This is how he really feels about it.

And to sign off I'll leave you with a few of Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes. The tall one bought me the book for Christmas. They are hilarious.

"Thank you Cool Whip for being whip cream that has a pretty high opinion of itself."

"Thank you arm wrestling for being the manliest way to hold another dudes hand."

"Thank you America's Funniest Home Videos for being like YouTube for old people."

Ba ha ha - have a great weekend!


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