DIY | Felt PB & J Game

I can't even remember how exactly I came upon this cute little tutorial (probably Pinterest, via another website and then another...) but I absolutely adore it! Mollie from Wild Olive created this charming felt Peanut Butter and Jelly game. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one!

She based the felt version on a popomatic game she had as a child where you had to create peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out of foam. I needed a project for craft night and this was perfect!
You can download a PDF template for the pieces at the above link. I pinned each to my felt and cut. The most time consuming part was stitching around each bread slice. But I like my happy little bread pieces :)

 It's a great game for toddlers. To begin you have stacks of bread, peanut butter and jam. Then you must roll the felt dice trying to get the first piece of your sandwich which must be bread. If you don't get bread you don't pick up and you have to try for it again next time. Once you have your bread then you attempt to roll peanut butter or jam (you need both eventually) and then another piece of bread to finish your sandwich. The first player to finish a sandwich wins.

My son loves it and fully gets the concept. My daughter just loves to make sandwiches :)

This was a really satisfying project to make and I think they'd make adorable little gifts packaged in a sandwich bag with a print out of the rules. Seeing as everyone I know was born in February I may be making a few of these :)


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