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One of the my favourite items that I've made myself is my coffee cozy. I use it all the time! It's small and easy to keep in my purse and I find I always grab for it whenever I get a coffee or even to put around a cold drink. I must say, I also feel pretty stylish with my pretty, eco friendly coffee cozy wrapped around my London Fog.

I made this cloth cozy using the pattern and tutorial found here. I loved that I could just print out the pattern and use it to cut all my pieces. It's a super simple tutorial and didn't take long to make the cozy. In fact, I even made a bulk stash of them to give my family as our "table presents" last year for Christmas.

If you don't have a printer (or like me are refusing to pay $50 for the ink cartridge!) you could just use a cardboard sleeve and trace a 1/2 inch inseam all the way around and use that as your pattern. For my elastics I use hair elastics rather than the elastic by the yard. It's prettier.

I've also seen a lot of crochet coffee sleeves popping up on Pinterest and I figured they looked pretty simple to make. I was right. Last night around 1am, while crafting with a friend I decided to try and whip up a few. I actually think they're pretty cute! (Excuse the mini coffee cup, it's all I had on hand - from my kids play kitchen - Ha!)

Brace yourselves... what you're about to see is the most hack attempt at a crochet patter that you've ever seen! I shouldn't even include it but in the event that you want a "jumping off" point for making your own crochet cozy pattern, this may help.

I basically just crocheted a chain as long as my current coffee cozy (or you could use a starbucks sleeve). Mine was 28 stitches long.
Row 1: Chain 28.
Row 2: Chain 1, turn and then do 28 SC (Single Crochet). Chain 1.
Row 3: Turn, 28 DC (Double Crochet), Chain 1.
Row 4: Turn, 28 DC, Chain 1.
(Depending on the bulk of your yarn and the tightness of your stitches stop her or add one more row.)
Row 5: Turn, 28 DC, Slip stitch and knot.
** This will give you a pretty straight cozy. If you want it to be wider at the top just increase each row by 1 or 2 stitches each time. To increase, just do 2 DC in the same stitch.

I then used a yarn needle to sew a button on one side. I didn't crochet in a button hole but because I tend to have a loose and flexible stitch I knew I'd just be able to push my button through wherever. This way I can make it tighter or looser depending on the size of the cup.

I had no issues getting the button through my stitching.

 The great thing about these are that it really took 15 minutes or less to make one.

These are perfect stocking stuffers or you could even make a set to give as a hostess gift. Or, make at least 5 to go in your purse ;)

 ~ Monique


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