The girl one has been making anything and everything into an Elsa costume since seeing the movie Frozen. If you've looked for an Elsa costume you'll know that Disney ran out and you have to buy one on the black market for like $1000. I'm not exaggerating. I've literally seen them on Ebay for $1000!

We decided that we just needed to make our own. I finally finished it all today and so we did a little Frozen shoot on the docks of Boundary Dam Arendelle.

This was our third option for an Elsa dress (I have 2 thrift store dresses that I refashioned). I managed to randomly find a teal lace shirt at Dollarama and then sewed the teal satin on it to make the Elsa dress. Much less expensive than buying it on the black market now that Disney has ran out of all things Elsa.

I made the awesome "ice powers bracelets" after seeing THIS cool idea. I opted to sew mine onto the stretchy crocheted elastic instead though.

The Elsa Braid. This is such an important feature. The girl one makes everything an Elsa braid. I wasn't in love with the Elsa wigs out there and the girl one is already blonde so we just needed some length. I ordered an inexpensive hair extension on, clip it under her hair and braid it into her real hair. I love the effect!


Now is the part of the post where we have our power ballad - Let it go!

She's actually singing the song on the docks. Such passion, such angst.

Being able to swish a cape at the end of the Let It Go is also very important and so we whipped one of those up today as well. Makeit-Loveit had a great tutorial for a no sew cape and I used that. Super easy. One recommendation though is not to use a bowl for the neck circle. It came out too big.

I LOVE this shot.

So there we have it. A DIY Elsa costume and photos that will make me smile for ages :)

Frozen Shoot

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The girl one has been making anything and everything into an Elsa costume since seeing the movie Frozen. If you've looked for an Elsa ...

I am a BIG fan of Happy Mail but don't get around to sending it nearly enough. I love coming up with packages but the actual getting to the post office and mailing it is my kryptonite. Thankfully the tall one works for Canada Post and thus all I need do is slip an envelope into his jacket pocket in the morning and it magically gets mailed!

We recently got a new sponsor child and so this week the kids and I put together some happy mail for "our" adorable little 5 year old girl in Zimbabwe.

This is "T". She's pretty great. 

My love language is gift giving and so though a letter is nice I REALLY wanted to fill it with a few goodies. Like any organization, World Vision has parameters on what you can send as well as the size of the package.
- 6x9 envelope
- lays flat
- light
- challenge accepted!

World Vision mentions stickers as an acceptable gift so we added those first off.

The kids then each drew her a picture. The boy one was a bit at a loss when I explained that he couldn't draw Jedi's fighting with lightsabers as we didn't want to send anything remotely violent but he managed to squeak out a stick girl with a sun. 

There aren't too many things that are flat, paper and fit in a 6x9 envelope that you can play with paper dolls thankfully are one of them! The girl one loves to play with her Frozen paper dolls and she wanted to send them to "T" as well. I made the printables by just dragging clip art to a Pages document and printing them off on card stock. 

We also included Princess Tiana with numerous outfits. You can find the same printable HERE

Though I don't have a picture we also added two sparkly headbands for T and her sister and some fun patterned Bandaids - because I haven't met a 5 year old who doesn't love Bandaids!

In her profile it mentioned that T loves art and so we wanted to send her some "pretties" for her home. I found so many adorable printable garlands on Pinterest and finally settled on this cute butterfly garland. You can download your own HERE. I just used hot glue to attach them to the bakers twine. 

Beyond meeting a few of her basic needs I hope that through this sponsorship and connection that T understands that SHE IS LOVED! She is chosen and dearly loved by God and she is loved by our family. We printed off THIS piece for her to hang in her home and made a note asking the translator to please translate it :)

The print is adorable and GDesigned offers it in a few colour combos. Go get one!

I know this package has a very very long road to travel to get to the remote area of our sponsor child but I hope it finds her well and brings a smile to her face. If you're looking to send a bit of Happy Mail to your sponsor child click on any of the links for some adorable projects or find similar ones on Pinterest!

~ Monique

Today I'm taking part in Momastery's Messy Beautiful Warriors Project! Click on the link at the bottom to read other's stories and get more information on the book Carry On Warrior.

Messy, Beautiful Warrior

My name is Monique and I feel like the fear is always there. And I know that it’s never good to say always but it feels like it’s there A LOT and that I spend a good deal of my thought life fighting the fear. 

The messy of my life is the fear. On a day to day basis I am pretty sure I don’t come across as a fearful person and that’s not because I’m hiding a bunch of stuff. I’m pretty confident. Pretty confident in my self, my parenting, my teaching, my writing, my business, my marriage - all those things that I feel like I have some measure of control over. I don’t need to be the best but if I am not good at something - I will get good at it (except music, I can’t get good at that one). And that’s not an arrogance thing, it’s an I have Jesus and I was raised to know I can DO anything thing. 

But the things I don’t have any control over… the lump on my rib cage, the other driver coming at me on the highway, the person who decides I’m not worth their time, those things stress the hell out of me. I hate the fear that all this undeserved goodness and blessing is going to at some point run out. Even putting words to those fears can throw me into a panic, because what if then they come true? 

Cliffs that will obviously result in death. 
Bill Johnson wrote in his book “Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind” that “Fear is a deception that blinds you to what is true.” That fear I battle with is just that. It’s a deception that blinds me to the true heart of The Father. To the truth of His goodness and perfect love. It’s also deceptive in that sometimes I don’t even recognize it as fear until it’s turned from a thought seed to a full blown ugly fear weed in my life. I’m starting to learn though that if I am fighting to control something - fear is likely at the root. 

In the same book Johnson expands on the verses Philippians 4:6-8 in a way that keeps me coming back time and time again to that passage and has helped me retrain my first response to these fears. 

Be anxious for nothinghe says the enemy is constantly lying to us about our circumstances so that we agree with his perspective. We need to learn to interpret those events with a renewed mind. I used to think that I could be all about Jesus and still worry and live with fear, that I just needed to bring that to Him. I do need to bring that to Him but I’ve come to realize that that fear and worry are simply agreeing with the kingdom of hell. There is no middle ground. That truth makes entertaining those thoughts a way more serious. I don't want to agree with those lies. 

When I pray with thanksgiving I am able to come back into agreement with the kingdom of heaven where perfect love casts out fear. 

And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  Johnson explains that the word “guard” literally means to “protect by a military force… to prevent hostile invasion.” He says “there is a place in God for you where you are protected by His peace, and you can live without struggling against the constant bombardment of the enemy’s lies.” That is such a GOOD word!

By living in agreement with heaven I can step out from behind that filter of fear that colours every circumstance in my life. Through prayer with thanksgiving I can be protected by the peace of Christ that literally shields me from the constant lies of the enemy, from the constant fear. That is such good news. Such a beautiful truth. 

Quotes from “Supernatural of the Transformed Mind” and it’s accompanying 40 Devotional and Personal Journal by Bill Johnson. You should read it ;)

We love games for math. Last night as I was planning for today my mind started to wander on what types of games using a deck of cards we could play to work on the boy one's addition skills. Black Jack suddenly seemed like a good idea but we're not quite at the point of being able to add to 21 yet. So I made up a modified Black Jack Addition game :)

Now before you get all judgey on me... I don't encourage gambling. I don't gamble myself. I've been to Vegas three times and have gambled $1 total on the penny slots at the airport on the way out!

We don't do any wagering in this version but you do win a "chip" if you win the round.

I've altered this game to go to 11 but you could choose any number. We've just started addition and are working on adding to 10 so 11 made sense for us. 

Objective: Draw cards and get a total number closest to 11 without going over.

Set Up: 
Remove cards 8 - King in your deck of cards leaving with Ace through 7 to play with. 
Shuffle Cards
Set out "chips" or counters to use for your points system.
Set out a number line if needed to assist in the addition

* Ace counts as 1 or 11. It's up to the player how they want to use it. *
Deal one card face down to each player.
Flip them over at the same time. 
Each player decides if they want to "hit" (draw another card) or "stay" if they are quite close to 11.
Those players who request a hit each get one more card face down.
Flip again at the same time and add the numbers.
Anyone who is over 11 is bust and out of the round. 
Those remaining choose whether they will stay or get another hit. 
Draw another card and add to the previous number. (Continue until everyone is either bust or staying).
Determine which player is closest to 11 without going over and reward them with a counter.
In the event of a tie both players get a counter.

Winning the game:
You win if you have the most points at then end of specified time or number of rounds. You can also play to 11 counters.

Addition Strategies:
I encourage my son to either use the number line if he doesn't know the answer or to count the symbols on the cards.
When counting on the cards, start with the largest number first and then count from there. For example with a 7 and a 3 have your child say point to the 7 and say "7" then to the 3 "8, 9, 10".

Both the boy one and I had a blast playing and we made sure we used proper hand signals for "hit" and "stay". 
It's really great for kids to practically consider the value of numbers as they have to decide how close they are to 11 and what the chances of going over are. 

The game is also very easily modified so if you want to include higher number cards or change the number you're trying to attain - it all works!