The Boy One

February is a busy month for us. More specifically the second week of February is very busy. The girl one was born on February 6th and the boy one on the 11th. To make it even more fun they have two other close friends born on the 11th and 13th.

I pout a little bit that for the rest of my life I will never get to throw a backyard birthday party outdoors, utilizing our party sized deck :( I will inevitably be renting venues and trying to find space for all the amazing people that help celebrate our kids.

Another consideration is that I also usually have to do the kids birthday pictures indoors because normally my camera lens would likely freeze shut in the -30 to -50 temps we'd usually have. However, the Lord has blessed us this year and this last week it hit +7 in January!!!

The snowfall was so beautiful last night that I dragged the kids outside for a 10 minute mini shoot this afternoon before all the snow would blow off of the trees.

I have another shoot or two in mind and will definitely need it as the girl one wasn't super cooperative.

When shooting the boy one I've learned to wait for the "in between" expressions. His silly faces and "cheese" face are great. But it's the "in between" expressions that reflect some of the most beautiful parts of his personality.

Sigh... I love him.

He is such a sweet boy.

I spend a lot of time talking to God about who my kids are and who He created them to be. It's imperative for me to know in order to know how to parent them wisely. 

My son feels a lot. In seeking the Lord in this, He has been very clear that Kai feels the heart of God and that is a large part of his calling and gifting. He will hear the heart of God, he will feel the heart of God, he will move with the heart of God.

My son is captivated by the story of Samuel in the Old Testament. If you're unfamiliar with it, Samuel was raised in the temple under Eli the priest. As a young boy God called out to him in the night and after finally recognizing it was the Lord, Samuel answered, "Speak. I am your servant, ready to listen." God spoke and from then on Samuel lived and operated as a prophet.

Kai asks to read the story of Samuel multiple times a week. We've been having good conversations about what it means to hear from God. He already does. He will insist we need to pray for a friend and he'll be spot on. We will have been praying for somebody and later in the day out of the blue he'll inform me that we need to thank Jesus because he's answered our prayer and I find out later that he had.

Little boy, I pray you keep listening just like Samuel.


  1. love it!!! just to add another one of their friends has a birthday on the 24th...tee hee!

  2. your kids are all of the photos..they are priceless and precious.;)


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