Since my brother and I moved out and left my parents as empty nesters they have replaced us with dogs. Poncho (male pug) was actually added to the family by brother and somehow in my family we all end up owning each other's pets (it is how we came to own our chocolate lab Molly). The parents then adopted CoCo (like Channel, not chocolate) and travel North America with their two little diva babies.

Things got a little complicated though when in spite of all their efforts to prevent it, Poncho knocked up CoCo. Poncho is apparently quite the stud and rather than CoCo delivering a typical first litter of 2-4 puppies she delivered 7 - in a Semi truck. Two unfortunately were stillborn but she had 5 thriving little pups.

These 5 little pups were dropped off in my kitchen last week as my parents drove through town. Yes, in this picture there are 6 but the front middle one is their stuffed toy they like to snuggle with. Que the melting...

We've had these little characters for almost a week now...

Don't be fooled by their cute faces. This is normally what they are doing - attacking my feet! I have to shuffle around the kitchen with at least 3 puppies dragging from my slippers.

The girl one likes the puppies and isn't afraid to boss them around.

I'm learning that little puppies can make you feel like a horrible person. If I walk by their box and don't let me out or don't give them a little snuggle, they look at you like this. Or worse, they prop themselves up with their front paws on the box and look at you like this.

 This little dude is Frodo. He's the male runt of the litter and he's feisty. His personality makes me laugh daily and he's proven to be the brains of the operation as well. He's a master at escaping.

 They are seriously so cute. It almost makes up for all the poop and pee I have to clean up on their training pad. Almost.

I love their natural instinct to play. That's all they do. They sleep, play, eat, poop, play and then sleep some more. Their antics of batting each other around and pouncing one another is hilarious.

Not gonna lie, they also chew EVERYTHING. Living or not.

Here they are conspiring as to how they will attack my toes next.

"What? I'm not about to pounce you."

 Judging by the paws I think this is Jethro.

This might be Millicent. She's a doll.

This has been my week. Dealing with these 5 babies and my own 2. No I will not be keeping one - which means there are more for you!

Mom and Dad can deliver anywhere from Saskatoon to Regina, to Winnipeg or Brandon, to Estevan and to Calgary!


  1. oh my gosh are those just the most precious I want to squeeze and snuggle you faces I have ever seen..they are just soo flipping cute.;O)love their names too)


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