DIY | Crochet Heart Headband

I pinned this adorable little heart garland from Julia Crossland. It is so cute and I thought the two-tone hearts would make great headband embellishments. Julia does a fantastic job of the pattern and has many pictures to accompany the tutorial. Click on the blog name above to get the pattern for yourself!

I had the girl one model the headband for pics even though this headband and it's twin are on route to two special little girls as an early Valentine's gift.

To attach it to the headband I just ran a bead of hot glue along the band and stuck the heart to it. If I wanted to be fancier or hold it's shape better it would have been a good idea to glue a felt heart to the back of it, sandwiching the headband between the two.

Cutie little girl and her bear - always together. I love that she still sort of fits in her doll stroller :)

Turns out that these charming hearts are so addicting to make that I'm making the heart garland that the tutorial was initially for as well! Stay tuned!


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