It was a very merry Christmas...

We had a very merry Christmas indeed. We started early with the celebrations. The tall one's mom came down on the 12th and so we were able to spend a few days with her and enjoy a Christmas celebration. Because we head up North for 25th we also have our own nuclear family Christmas on the Saturday before we leave. On the 17th we were due to open pressies and I had my heart set on all wearing matching Christmas PJ pants. The tall one has never really had PJ pants before - cause he's so tall. Like 6'6" tall.

I looked up a tutorial on Pinterest, drafted patterns and whipped us up some Santa pants just in the nick of time! (As in an hour before bed time!)

"Christmas morning" we were greeted by the pink tree, coordinating wrapping paper and of course the Faux Fire on the T.V.

Hanny was loving her new baby and feeding accessories. It took forever to open gifts as the kids wanted to open and play with each toy as they received it. To the point that they actually refused to open other gifts.

The boy one got a wooden work bench... that was missing 2 INTEGRAL PIECES! Thus, at 10:30 the night before I had to traipse through my snowy yard with a flash light, unearth suitable lumber, haul our chop saw from shed to deck, measure and cut new pieces to use so we could still give it to him in the morning. Melissa and Doug... I have a bone to pick with you!

We all enjoyed some Hungry Hippo.

Self timer, just woke up shot. Yay.

Later that day the Holiday Train rolled through town. It's be crazy warm for December. I think it was +5 that day (unlike last year that was around - 38) so we were able actually enjoy a bit of the entertainment.

Shot with my new fish eye lens for my iphone.

The next day we took the kids to see "Chipwrecked". It was Hanny's first theater experience and she loved it!

The next week and a bit were a whirlwind of activity! After the entire family battling a crazy flu bug while trying to make an 8 hour road trip we finally made it my parents home. It took an hour and a half less because we didn't have to stop to eat once :)

1st row: Christmas morning with the Kaminski's! Do you spy pink pyrex and an anthro apron? Yes, my mother knows me well :)

2nd Row: Christmas day with the Martens (my grandparents).

Row 3: Boxing day with the Willms! You can see Grandma and Grandpa opening a big green bag which we all thought for sure was the infamous insanely large stuffed fish pillow. (Back Story: each year at the Willms gathering we have a "re-gift exchange" where everything has to be something you already owned. The fish showed up the first year we did it and has come back wrapped every year.)

We were sure Gram and Gramps were doomed to be stuck with the fish in their nursing home but... it was just a big duffel bag! Would the fish not appear? There were no packages large enough left... that is until I unwrapped a box... a box that contained a cleverly vacuum sealed fish pillow! Well done.

Don't worry, I've got plans for this guy.

Another highlight for the kids was playing with the litter of pug puppies my parents have. 

They are just over 3 weeks old here. Adorable!

So sweet. Let me know if you want one... $600 each and ready near the beginning of February :)

Happy New Year!


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