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In less than one week my baby will turn 2 years old! I will admit that I am struggling with my oldest transitioning out of toddlerhood. I love toddlers. At their first birthdays it was more of a celebration of "Yay we survived the first year!" As much as I loved them at that stage I think the toddler years are magic. I love that Hanny is turning two... but maybe she can slow it down from here on out :)

The girl one wasn't loving the outdoor birthday shoots (even though it was 0 degrees in JANUARY!) - practically summer. Instead we attempted them indoors today.

I had such a hard time picking outfits. I could have chosen like 18 but she was only willing to allow 1. I can't get enough of that fur vest.

She looks so short and smooshy here. She is neither.

Toddler Photo Tip : If you have a "runner" as Hanny would most definitely be put them on something where they can't escape but makes them feel special and like a big kid. I had the boy one sit on the fireplace in my room first to show her how cool it was and then asked him if Hanny could have a turn. She then was most pleased to sit on the fireplace on not run away.

Another tip: Give them a prop to keep them occupied but that you don't mind having in the shot. My kids share my love of vintage cameras and so we use them a lot in photo shoots.

Another thing to note is that I did all of these blue wall pictures in about 3 foot wide space. You don't need loads of space. 

 Due to the nature of my first child (outgoing and hilarious) I kind of expected that my second might be quiet and settle somewhat in her older brother's shadow. Thankfully she does nothing of the sort.

Hanny is thoughtful and kind. She is such a nurturer and has the most gentle touch.

Beautifully complimenting that is her fierce and passionate nature. She is fearless and she leads in that. At this age it is most often her brother that draws from her strength. She will tackle the intimidating rides at the amusement park and make the boy one feel safe. I dropped them off at a friends during my hair appointment the other day and Kai asked, "Will Hannah be there to protect me?" So cute and so true to their relationship.

Hanny is vibrant and hilarious. Her and her brother make each other laugh constantly.

Beautiful girl I pray you always know how stunning you are and who God made you to be. You are a daughter of the King. You have a royal anointing and the fierceness of a lioness. I pray you always stay fearless.


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