So I have a dilema. We are so close to being done the kids' shared bedroom remodel. It's already an unbelievable transformation to us! I'm at the fabric stage and so I can put off the decisions no longer.

I'm really over thinking it. We've put so much time into this room that I want to like it for a long a time! I've already purchased and then scratched one duvet cover for Han - the fabric was too slippery and the duvet wouldn't stay in it properly :(

I've been going over and over the fabrics and have decided I need a few other eyes so if you'd be so kind as to vote for your fave option I would much appreciate it!

What I'm thinking will happen is I'll either agree with the majority or my defensiveness of the minority pick will show me which I truly prefer :) Either way, your vote is helpful!

So... what we have to work with :

Kai's bedding is already purchased, on his bed, it's his favourite :)

Yellow Floral fabric (Heather Bailey Nicey Jane) - already purchased and was a foundation of the room scheme. I can't decide whether to make Han a duvet cover out of it or use it to make cubby curtains and possibly the window treatments as well. In option 1 they are curtains.

Wallpaper is up!

In option 2 the Nicey Jane fabric is Han's duvet and the Mod Collection Teal is the cubby curtains.

P.S. The yellows in the floral fabric and they chevron duvet cover actually do closely match even though they don't look like it here. The chevron looks a bit orange but it's actually quite goldish. 

So thoughts? Option 1 or 2?

I have a dilema...

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So I have a dilema. We are so close to being done the kids' shared bedroom remodel. It's already an unbelievable transformation to u...
Need a last minute Father's Day gift idea? Yeah me neither :)

I'm going to be a super awesome wife and let my husband have the kids for the entire weekend all to himself to relish the glories of being a father while I go out of town to shoot a wedding. I have however planned a fun little pressie for him that will keep on giving even after the "day" is over.

I’ve written before about “Date Nights for a Year”. You assemble an envelope for each month that contains instructions for a date night and even prepaid tickets for events or gift cards for meals so that it’s not a stress on finances at the time of the date. I thought this would be really great to create for my husband and my kids, preplanned dates with each of them.

I likely won’t do a year but maybe a few months worth that include a date for each child per month. On the front I’ll include hints like daytime or evening, weather dependent, etc. That way on the week of a date he can have a couple of days to pick the time that would work best.

Some ideas I’m working on are:
  • Go to the library, read stories on the couches and sign out some to take home and read at bedtime.
  • A trip to the Skate Park with a gift card for ice cream afterwards.
  • Glow stick park trip (obviously at night).
  • A trip to Ardene's or similar to shop for accessories with the girl one.
  • Collaborative painting – have paints and a canvas stored and instruct them to create a painting together.
  • Bike ride with some money to go and buy penny candy at the store.
Happy Father's day Love!

 There are loads of things you could include in the envelopes. They don’t have to be overly exciting as it will be enough just to have something preplanned that will facilitate that time together. Whatever the age of your children, include them in on the planning. What may not seem like a great idea to you, when coming from your child’s heart and imagination could be priceless!
My kids love helping me with the laundry. I can hardly wait until they're old enough to do the laundry themselves. What a glorious day that will be. If you asked me what chore I detest the most it would be putting away laundry. I don't mind doing it, it's the putting away that drives me to bored, tedious tears. But I digress!

The kids love laundry so I whipped them up this little laundry play set.

I found a mini laundry type looking basket at the dollar store and used it to house the play set.

On regular paper I sketched out some basic clothing shapes. I wanted the kids to be able to repeatedly wash the clothes and hang them to dry so I didn't want them actually using doll clothes or anything. I pinned the templates onto Jersey from old T-shirts and cut them just as a single layer. They're just pretend and don't have to be worn on anything ;) Jersey is great because the edges won't fray.

I also found plastic clothespins at the dollar store and opted for these over the wooden ones as they are easier to grasp and manipulate for the girl one. I used twine I had on hand and strung it up between the fence and their play structure.

They are initially finding it a little tricky to hold the clothing up and pin it on the line but that's a good thing. This activity is fantastic for fine motor development.

Hanny loved just clipping them onto the line and of her own volition started organizing them by colour.  "Look Mommy - all blue!"

The kids had a blast and kept returning to play with the clothesline. It's always a success when you can get more than 20 minutes of consecutive play out of something that only cost you $2 to make!

Hopefully this will foster in them a life long love of laundry. I can dream...

Last month I had the privilege of shooting Miss Machala again. You may remember her from a previous shoot we did to compile images for the pageant she was competing in.

Michala is entering the modelling world and has just been accepted by an agency - congratulations Michala!

We started out in an industrial zone. Good times. 

Then we headed off to a country road at dusk with the English one's vintage bike.

I just adore these photos with the bike.

Lastly we shot her pageant dress from her sponsor. It was beautiful.


Be sure to keep an eye out for her I'm positive you'll be seeing her much more in the future :)

All the best Michala!

~ Monique

Blink Photo | Michala

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Last month I had the privilege of shooting Miss Machala again. You may remember her from a previous shoot we did to compile images for the p...
With the newfound revelation of accessible fishing 5 minutes from my house and kids who thankfully LOVE fishing - I pretty much could sit out there all day every day.

This morning us Moms decided to take all the kids out fishing :)

Hanner's and Karah getting our gear ready.

Nater's fishing for his first time ever! Woop! He's got a rocking Diego rod.

Kai is taking a bit of a snack break :)

 The girls much preferred the slippery silty slope to casting in the ridiculous wind. They got pretty grubby.

E trying to remove the hook my itty bitty Walleye swallowed.

Like we're talking swallowed - swallowed.

K - seriously. This hook is pretty much snagging on intestines!

The English One  has never fished before (though she has caught minnows with a butterfly net!)

Glue Sticks (aka Kym) taught her to cast. English liked to keep the rod high. E advised her to bring it down a bit - become one with the rod.

Casting wasn't getting her any nibbles so she took over my jig set up. She had 2 bites, even brought one up to the bank but no fish yet! B and N behind her were pulling in fish left right and center!

3rd ones a charm! English pulled in a nice size Jack Fish!

 Then English wanted a picture with said Jack Fish but was a little apprehensive to touch it.

There was much screaming and bolting and almost of peeing of pants. 

I have not laughed this hard in months if not years. Best first fish reaction ever.

She did it. She held her ugly slimy Jack (though threatened me with a friend break up if I let go).

It was a fabulous morning of firsts.

First fish for English.
First time fishing for Treg kidlets.
First of many Moms and Tots Fishing Playdates.

I miss fishing so much. It's usually something we can only do on the few days a summer that we're back up North and have access to Dad's boat. People do fish around here but we didn't have a boat so it didn't seem feasible. As "luck"would have it though we're experiencing a bit of influx in fish in the Souris River due to last year's flood.

This weekend we ventured out with the Wags both days for a bit of fishing. A bit of fishing = 4-6 hours. It's just impossible to leave!

The girl one was using her very first rod - a cute little pink Barbie number :)

 The boy one got a rod last year from Grandpa. It's fancy and from somewhere proper like Cabella's but that one is still in the boat and so he chose a Spider Man rod here. Spidey is a pretty great rod. The boy one is so dirty. Love it.

Hunter wanted to practice with Hanny's rod. The rule is that you become whomever's rod you are using. Thus, this is Hanny.

E and a cute little Walleye she pulled in. N is a master fisher and resident take it off the hook guy.

Ah... relaxing on my little vintage school chair with my pink rod, reel, fishing line and hook. My reel even lights up when you spin it... ha ha, didn't notice till after I bought it but how awesome is that?

Don't knock the pink rod, E caught this beast on it!

The boy one caught his first fish all by himself. He cast it, caught it and reeled it in. The hook actually wasn't in the fish's mouth so he must of have "Ninja Whipped" it. That's what we call snagging :)

Kai guy has become a little casting pro. He gets great distance and I'm so proud of how independent he is with it. He really enjoys himself fishing but also finds other things to do like climbing hills and jumping in mud :)

Kids playing outside for hours... covered head to toe in dirt... squeeling at flopping fish... these things make my heart so happy. 

We are a happy fishing family!