Welcome here! 
I'm honoured that you'd come visit this little blip in the blogosphere. I hope while you're here you'll find creative ideas, inspiration, real thoughts and feelings and amusement!

My name is Monique Willms and I am a former Middle Years teacher who is homeschooling my own kids. We fill our days with great books, documentaries, inquiry, chasing down rabbit trails and as much whimsy as possible. 
Creating activities and facilitating authentic learning makes my heart flutter. It's something I'm totally wired for. Equipping others is my passion and so I hope you'll find yourself equipped in these blog posts.

I still teach in the public system a few days a month and run my own photography business - Blink Photography. My teaching doesn't stop with my kids, you'll also find me preaching in my home church every 6 weeks. You can find those videos and blogs on www.moniquewillms.com
I'd love for you to introduce yourself - leave a comment!


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