I’ve got spring fever… and maybe even summer fever. It’s starting to get stronger and stronger. Last week, once my kids were napping I went to my master bedroom where the sun was streaming in the windows making it wonderfully bright and warm and I laid out, kicked off my socks and read a book all the while pretending it was summer. It felt a bit like summer, my toes even got hot from the sun but soon reality came crashing in as I looked out that window and realized the drifts of snow (although melting) were still gracing my yard. I’m so done with winter!

I’ve decided that this week we’re going to do a little more pretending it’s summer. Firstly, we’re barbequing hot dogs tonight. I know it’s unhealthy but nothing says summer like BBQ hotdogs! I also think it’d be great to have a little camp out indoors (perhaps the Sunday night before family day).

We have a tent that doesn’t get much use (as we’ve become a bit soft and prefer our parents cabins and campers) but I think we’ll set it up in the living room this weekend. We’ll pile in the air mattresses and blankets along with books and flashlights. It would even be cute to string up some mini lights on the ceiling so it feels like you’re sleeping under the stars. If you don’t have a tent you can create a makeshift fort out of chairs and blankets or skip it all together and just create a big common sleeping area on the floor.

If you have a fireplace you can make smores! I guess we’ll pop in our faux fire DVD (it has a bonfire option!) and attempt smores in the microwave. In the morning we’ll cook a traditional camping breakfast (which when you’re camping is the biggest meal of the day usually) complete with bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and crispy toast. Maybe we’ll even make it all on the BBQ so it tastes like fire.

Maybe while we’re busy pretending, spring will actually show up!

Here is the 6 man tent in our basement rec room! I'm quite impressed that it fit!

Snuggling and watching "Marmaduke".

We tried to spend the whole night in the tent but unfamiliar nighttime lights and sounds of the basement + the actual tent were far to distracting for our little man so we packed it in. There was lots of fun playing in the tent though!
A few months ago I came across this cute DIY in the "Idea Notebook" of a Country Living magazine. How cute! I knew then and there that this would be a perfect centerpiece for the "Vintage Tea Party/Picnic 1st Birthday" that I was throwing my daughter - and it was!

I started scouring Sally Ann for inexpensive teacups. I bought the cheapest ones so I don't love all the prints but they worked. I also scored the candelabra at the thrift store.

This is super easy to make!
Step 1: Compile teacups and candelabra.
Step 2: Spray paint the candelabra white. (Though I almost used turquoise!)
Step 3: Hot glue each teacup to the base where the candle would go. You could use epoxy but I figured I might want to take it apart and use the pieces for other things. Even with hot glue though it was super sturdy!

At the party (which I'll share more on in another post) I filled the cups with chocolates, gummy bears and suckers for the kids.

Using a similar method I also made custom cake stands using vintage plates and glass candlesticks. I saw this originally on Under the Sycamore. I even glued one plate to a huge mason jar - see it?

So easy and so cute! I'm pretty sure every mom should have a couple on hand for tea parties!

I’m sitting here right now early in the morning looking out the window to my back yard. I am dreaming of the screen door slamming shut as my little man runs outside to dig in the sandbox while I finish his making his breakfast. He found one of his sand shovels the other day and looked at me so pleadingly when he said “I just want to dig!” Oh how I want him to be able to dig in the sand too! But, there is a good three feet or more of snow covering that sandbox and it’s supposedly forty below with the wind chill factor so digging in the snow outside isn’t going to happen either!

My son’s digging query reminded me of a blog post I read at “Under The Sycamore” a while back where she hauled bucket loads of snow into her bathtub and let her kids go wild. I have decided that this is what we are doing today!

I think initially it would be a good idea to prep the bathroom by laying towels on the floor and rolling a few up for knee padding. You will also need to locate and gather all of the toys that your kids will be using to play with the snow. My sand toys are also all buried under three feet of snow so I’ll be pulling out kitchen staples like large serving spoons and plastic containers. One thing that the above blogger did that I likely won’t be doing is mixing food colouring and water and filling water guns with it so her boys could shoot and paint the snow. I’m terribly afraid it would stain my tub but I’ll be researching other ways I could get the same effect.

Once you have everything gathered it’s time to haul in the snow and start playing before it all melts! Initially I think I would just let him play from outside the tub but if he really wants to I’ll probably let him put on some boots and get right in there. Either way, I love the idea of playing in the snow without having to bundle him up!

Update: Here's a pic of the snow/tub fun. I used 14 mop pail buckets to "fill" the tub. Being that my tub on the second floor I was one sweaty momma after carrying them all upstairs! I almost wanted to lay in that snow myself! On a side note, even 6 hours later there was still a lot of snow left in the tub so it's fun for the kids to come back to lots!

At the beginning of our friendship, his mom and I started running in the early mornings before work. Knowing I had just gotten pregnant I started making excuses about why I needed to slow our pace up the hills and why I couldn't eat breakfast before we went. All the while she (in short spurts) between breathing told me that she had forgotten a few days of pills a while back and wondered if that might be a problem...

We got pregnant the same weekend (Yay for May long weekend! ha ha) and our due dates were two days apart. February 10 and 12. My water broke at 4pm on my due date. Her water broke at 4pm on her due date. I had a baby boy at 1:33 am. She had a baby boy at 4:33 am (after 1:33am she demanded that the clock be taken out of the delivery room!) For one night we had adjoining hospital rooms.

Miciah and Nathaniel have known each other since they were literally hours old. Initially I was skeptical if they'd ever be friends. Namely because no matter what coo or gurgle came out of Nate's mouth, my Kai would break down into tears.

Once we ventured to take our boys to Minot for the day when they were around 14 months old. My son cried the entire way there and back because anything Nate did upset him. On the way home we stuck a massive clock we had purchased (for Dani) in between them hoping that Kai would forget Nate was there. He didn't.

Somewhere along the way they fell in love with each other. They are dear, dear friends. They laugh, they run, they giggle, they occasionally fight, and they beg for each other constantly. After one particularly long separation I witnessed them run across the grass towards each other with arms open, calling out each others names and ending in an big hug. I'm serious.

They are so blessed to have other great friends in their lives but after just celebrating both of their birthdays this weekend I thought I'd tell a little of their story.

Here is a piece I made for both of them this weekend :) Happy 3rd Birthday Kai and Nate!

(The other feet in the top left pic are Kayden and Judah Vanderwall :)
A few weeks ago I had a really crappy day... well more of a crappy from 3pm on. I was tired and frustrated and the kids wouldn't nap. I was stalling them until supper so we could eat as a family and then the husband was 45 min late and DID NOT CALL! I know "Off with his head!". I refrained though and tried to extend grace while explaining a call would have been nice so that I wouldn't make the grouchy kids wait.

After supper he took over and put the kids to bed. While I chilled and tried to regain sanity he went to the kitchen and said I wasn't allowed in. There was much banging and rattling. Then I was further banned to the basement... hmm... curious.

Upon his invitation I came back upstairs to find my living room like this. A mini "Rose Ceremony". :)

Sparkling cider, chocolate almonds and hot apple turnovers... mmm he knows me well!

12 green roses... and then he proceeded to give me a lengthy (the only way he does it!) wonderful, heartfelt speech about how much he loves me and a bunch of other stuff that you likely don't want to hear about (but made me cry) :)

He asked if I'd accept this rose (and all of his roses).

And I of course said yes.

Then, we did what we do every Monday night. We cuddled and watched the Bachelor (because yes he loves it as much as me!) and paused a thousand times to chime in our expert analysis, predictions and trash talk.

All in all, one of the many blessings of my life is man who unashamedly loves to watch The Bachelor with me :)