DIY | Vintage Card Notebooks and Postcards

Last year I scored two bags of vintage-ish assorted cards. My best guess is that a sweet little old lady stocked up on cards for years and years and then realized she'd likely not use them all and donated them to Salvation Army. I'm glad she passed them on.

I've never been a big celebrator of Valentine's Day, and now that my children's birthdays both fall the week of I celebrate it even less, but I decided I'd make a few Valentine type things just in case.

First off I created little note books made from these vintage cards.

 I cut regular printer paper a tad smaller than the entire size of the card (opened).

Here is the paper at the correct size. Fold it in half and line up the spine of the card to the half line of the paper.

Sew right down the middle of the card and paper (back stitching on each end.)

Fold it closed and you're done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Next I grabbed a stack of old gardening post cards. Personally I find them pretty cheesy looking so I grabbed my scrap bin and started putting fabric and trim over the floral pictures.

When I had an arrangement I liked I brought it to the sewing machine and sewed the pieces on.

I didn't try to stitch exactly around shapes. I made an "x" through the heart and left tails of thread on. I think these lame postcards are now fabulous!

 A fave colour combo - red, teal and yellow.

 These are so quick you could whip up a whole batch and gift them as a personal stationary set!

Even if I don't use them for Valentine's day (which is the most likely scenario) I will definitely send them as "happy mail" to some girl friends around the country. This whole "mailing things" has become a whole lot simpler and convenient since the tall one "went postal". Now all I have to do is address my postcards and pop them into his coat pocket and he'll mail them from work! 
Mr. Postman has also informed me that I can indeed just use a little sticker to keep my notebooks closed, slap an address and a stamp on the back of the book and mail it as a postcard. Sweet!


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