We Are Ninjas

This weekend the tall one's sister flew down from Calgary to hang out for a few days. It was a super fun weekend and I only wish we could do it more often. The small ones were so excited to spend time with Auntie.

They road cars.

They got many wagon rides (and pretended they were planes.)

They played dolls.

We sat around the sandbox.

Played in the sandbox...

After the littles went to bed we made Cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Yes, they are as good as they sound. So good we made them two nights in a row :)

We downed the strawberries pretty quickly and without reservation so we headed downstairs to burn off a few calories playing Fruit Ninja on the Kinect. It's the same game as on the iphone but on the Kinect you can use your hands and technically any body part to slice through fruit. This game alone makes the Kinect worth owning!

You can't even see their hands they're slicing so fast!

We're all about a challenge so we made a rule "only feet". Giggle, it was awesome.

Pretty high kicks right? All that Tae-Bo has paid off.

Love the "in the air" shot.

Hi Yah!

Blindfolded. It really does heighten your other senses :)

We also played "only elbows". Genius. The next day even the boy one and the girl one displayed some ninja skills!

Before Auntie left we rushed around to try and get a few "posed" pics of her and the kids.

Love this one of Kai and Auntie.

I also conned Crystal into taking a few updated family shots of us as I love at least one fall picture :) I'm thinking this one will go up on the wall!

We said our good byes hurriedly so she could make it to the airport in time and the tall one took a few pics of the Hannah one and I. I realize I have so few pics of us girls together...

She was miserable from teething and I was loving her cuddles.

She seriously gives the best. hugs. ever. 

On a side note... the Sister in Law has found a new passion in Pole Fitness. At the park the one day she was teaching Dean and I (mostly Dean) a few pole moves. The tall lanky one is surprisingly fluid on a pole. Who knew?

The next day we were in Chapters and the Hannah one started trying moves on a pole in the store. Hilarious. The Kai one had to try too :)

We had a great weekend and were blessed to spend time with family. I'll leave you with this pic, my little man pulling off Daddy's glasses and striking a very GQ pose :)


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