Thickwood Hills Picker | Part 2

Usually when someone asks me what my dream job would be, I can honestly answer that I'm currently doing it. When I was teaching Middle Years I really couldn't imagine doing anything else. I loved it. Now I'm fully living the dream by being able to stay home with my kids as well as running a photography business. Had I the sufficient hours in a day though, I would add to my list of jobs, being a picker.

Though for it to be a dream job I would have to be picking with someone else's money for somebody else's store where I have no responsibility to sell any of the items. Brilliant right?

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we got to do a little picking in Thickwood Hills. I called up the owner of General Store Memories and he agreed to open up the store just for us. Score!

As soon as we walked up to the store to meet him he announced, "Well you picked a good day to come, I'm going to give you everything for half off." Um - SCORE!

We had a blast picking through the jam packed store. Oohing and awing and loading our finds on the counter and doing our best to be "enablers". 

Mom has been trying to get him to sell this bench for months. She finally got it.

She's also been trying to get this table for ages. I was able to snatch it for her birthday present. 

Love the legs.

We found these great canisters that match my old breadbox (which I stole from my mom). The yellow wire thing is a metal corner shelf - love it.

By far my favourite find of the day was this vintage leather camera case. It is in perfect condition, the inside is lined in crushed red velvet and it even has folding dividers for my lenses. It's so perfect for the times I just want to take my SLR along but don't want to haul a backpack with all my lenses, batteries and cords along with it. Best thing about it.... $5!

Accidental iphone pic but kind of cool.

Kim and her sweet "industrial wreath". It now sits on her mantle - looks fab.

Mom with her table and  coffee tin.

 The one thing I rarely think about when shopping.... how to get it all home!

No worries though. We're ninjas. Throw it all in, use some ratchet straps to tie it all shut and we're good to go. Let's just say the men were a tad apprehensive when we drove up. Apparently they weren't expecting such a glorious haul.

 Such a great morning of picking!


  1. Where did you find that store, Monique?!?! I'll have to make a trip next time we're back in SK.

  2. It's located on a farm near Lac La Peche, SK. A little off the beaten path but fun to go to :) Only 10 min from my parents place but around an hour north of Saskatoon if that helps :)


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