Thanksgiving Highlight Reel

This Thanksgiving we were able to head up North to my parents home. I love being there this time of the year as Autumn is out in full force. We didn't tell the boy one until half way through the drive up that his friend Naters was also coming to Grandma and Grandpa's along with Uncle Matt, Auntie Kim and Karah of course! He was thrilled!

We had such a relaxed weekend and had so much fun making memories.

Uncle Matt and I took the boys canoeing around the pond.

They were so excited and listened so well in the canoe. Pieces of drift wood were dinosaurs and we explored beaver homes and tree bough caves. It was great.

Cute friends.

We also took a couple of quad rides through the country side. We fit 8 people on the quad and trailer - awesome. I'm pretty sure Naters even fell asleep on this ride :)

The boy one playing with a new vintage camera for my collection.

We did a bit of hay bale jumping.

Kim and Karah.

Sweet jump off the bale. Total trust.

Chasing Poncho the pug.

So much exploring and climbing.

Moms and boys + a tree in front of our faces.

I have absolutely no idea what is happening here but I think it's hilarious.

The boys found sticks swords and were fierce pirates. Until Otis (the Bull Mastif) mistook their sword wielding for a friendly game of fetch and continually stole their massive tree branch.

The whole Martens clan came for supper on Sunday and Hanny got some quality time with her great grandma.

Bouncy house cuddles.

I love these boys.

Hanners disgusted with Otis for walking past her. The gall!

Using remnants from the veranda building to play blocks.

My bro Cory and his baby.

On the way home we squeezed in an hour at the Pumpkin Hollow Corn Maze. Super fun, wish we had had more time.

We had to catch Hanny a few times.

The Tregs.

The Willms. Thank you children for posing so nicely.

Massive jumping pillow. Sweet.

Playing in the Corn Box.

It was such a great weekend. So many memories were made :)


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