DIY | Desktop Wallpaper Organizer

This is the last type of post I ever thought I'd be writing... I'm going to attempt to show you how to create a wallpaper organizer for your computer desktop. It really is a testament to how incredibly easy I found it to be that I am sharing it here!

First off - let me give a shout out to Pugly Pixel. If you have not been to this site - you need to go. Like go now, I'll wait... amazing right! Katrina Tan is genius and generous, a nice combination. She is brilliant in the photoshop graphics and templates that she creates. Click on Freebies and you'll find yourself overwhelmed with all of the goodies available to download! You can also purchase a membership and get lots of extra fun stuff.

I was browsing through her site and found a post where she offered a free Desktop Wallpaper Organizer for RSS subscribers. The idea is genius! Primarily it's just a jpg that gives you structure of where to place your folders on your desktop.

I use my desktop a lot! During the post processing pictures process of my business Blink Photo, I am constantly exporting to and from my editing program, uploading proofs to my website, sneak peeks to my blog and then folders of high res images for discs.  I just find it easiest to find things I'm going to use right away there but my desktop becomes a gnarly mess.

So, I created this!

It was super easy. Start out by opening up Photoshop (I use elements - and remember if you want to fiddle around with it you can download a free 30 day trial!). Create a blank document with white background at 1280x720 pixels.

I used the colour dropper to pull a colour from the tape strips to get the teal for my background and then used the paint bucket to colour the entire background.

I used free Ric Rac strips from Pugly Pixel to create my "borders". Just lay them out horizontally and vertically wherever you like.

The tabs are Pugly Pixel Tape Strips that I just put white text over and positioned where I wanted to.

When you're happy with your wallpaper, save it as a psd document and then as a jpg. The 1280x720 dimensions work on my imac but I'm not sure what other screens would be like. Go to your system preferences, choose desktop and screen saver, and then press the little "+" sign to add your wallpaper jpg to the list of options, select it and it'll put it on the screen!

Then all you need to do is organize your folders and you're all organized! My desktop has never been this clean and hopefully it'll stay that way.


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