Give a Gift Series: Yo Yo Paper Clips

One of my primary love languages is gift giving. (If you haven't read The Five Love Languages, I recommend you do). It's really freeing to know that I'm actually hardwired to love giving gifts. Because I also love to "make", I get an extra thrill out of hand making a gift to give someone and thus I will be doing a little series on the blog called "Give a Gift". Most of these gifts can be used for really any occasion at any time during the year but these tutorials should also come just in time to start creating Christmas gifts!

My first gift falls under the "stationary" category. I don't know if it's being a teacher or what but stationary and school supplies make my heart flutter. I just love them. Especially the ones that are pretty and functional. It's a win-win really.

Yo yo paper clips are delightful and uber useful too and are a great gift for anyone with any sort of home or work office or just likes pretty things. They also make a fabulous stocking stuffer!

- Fabric scraps
- Large plastic coated paper clips
- Glue gun/glue
- Cardstock
- Buttons (optional)

Start off by cutting out a circle 2.5 inches in diameter from a scrap piece of fabric.

Next, thread your needle and knot it at the end. Start stitching in and out (not going around the edges) along the outer edge of the circle.

Once you've stitched all of the way around, gently pull on your thread (needle still attached) until the fabric all gathers to the middle. Push out the fabric and flatten until you see what looks like this yo-yo. Use the needle and thread still attached to tie a couple of knots in the center.

Grab a coordinating paper clip from your cute little stash.

Hot glue the back of the yo-yo to a paper clip and let dry. To add a bit of variety I also glued cute buttons from my collection to the paper clips as well.


For a cute presentation I printed out a doily graphic from Pugly Pixel.  Using photoshop I added a simple quote in the center. "We adore chaos because we love to produce order." by M.C. Escher seemed fitting given the gift. After cutting around the doily I used a exacto knife to make horizontal slits around the doily (8 of them). Slip the paper clips in and viola you are finished!

 How cute are these? I just love them!

This is a great gift to "mass" produce as you can sew a bunch of little yo-yo's while watching T.V. and then spend another time gluing.

I also pair them with a cute notepad with pretty scrapbook paper glued to the top and a pencil to complete the set. Just cut your scrapbook paper to the correct width, add glue to the top and affix paper in place. Once the front is glued, fold the paper over the top and glue it to the back.

To attach the pencil I wrapped a bit of Baker's Twine around the pad and pencil together. I'll use any excuse to use my massive coil of Baker's Twine.

Now you have an adorable little stationary set that makes a perfect little gift!

 To package it, throw it in a paper bag, fold a paper doily over the top and close with a wooden clothespin. I had these quaint little hen clips left so I thought I'd use it :)

Happy gift giving!


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