Give a Gift: Guitar Pillow DIY

Glue Sticks' birthday was over the the long weekend in September or as we still refer to it - staycation weekend. Hers is a music loving family and so I wanted to make something that might reflect that a bit. She also has a thing for pillows - thus the guitar pillow was created :)

I pinned this picture a while ago and thought they were absolutely adorable. I loved how they used decorating fabric but in a fun shape. Classy.

What you'll need:
  • 1/2 - 1 yard of main fabric plus coordinating scraps
  • sewing machine
  • pillow stuffing
  • paper/pencil for the drafting
I used a large piece of paper from my kids drawing roll to create the template for the pillow. I free handed a general guitar shape. When you sketch something like this don't worry about making perfect lines. If a corner is wonky just keep sketching over it until you get the shape you want, no one will see this anyways.

Cut it out and pin to the fabric.

Cut out a circle of your coordinating fabric, sew around it in a 1/4 inch inseam and then pin it to the guitar. Sew.

Cut a long piece of fabric that is roughly twice as long as the length you want it to run on your guitar. Hem the edges and then run a gathering stitch down the middle. To do this, set your machine to the highest tension (mine is 9) and on the longest stitch (mine is 4). Do not back over at either end, just run it straight through.

It should gather to some degree but you can pull a string to gather it more into the ruffle that you like. Sew it to the front piece of the fabric.

 K... I just realized I didn't use a gathering stitch at all - I was too lazy! Ha, you could though :) I just pleated it as I sewed it onto the guitar piece.


 Place the right sides of the guitar together and sew all the way around leaving a 5 inch opening at the bottom (for stuffing).

Pull it right side out and stuff. When it's the firmness you desire tuck the seams of the opening in, pin and sew closed.

I think it suits her home perfectly! It's also a big hit with the kids who use it in their pretend bands all of the time :)


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