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Even though we were beyond blessed and didn't personally suffer at all from the flood in June I still feel like I have post traumatic stress from the Spring that we had. Thankfully our summer was hot, hot, hot and we've had a gorgeous fall... but I'm not ready for winter. I'm not ready to be cooped up with two toddlers who prefer to spend 90 % of their days outside.

This picture (from Pinterest) though reminds me that with winter comes Christmas and it eases my dread a little bit.

It's such a perfect little vignette. So vintage and colourful. More than anything it makes me want to have a pink tree. 
So I started searching. The results? Reasonable price = 4 foot tree. Sorry, my ceilings are 9.5 feet and and my 3 year old would likely be taller than the tree. Not going to work.

Reasonable height tree = $1000. Yup, not going to happen. 

"Glue Sticks" suggested I just paint one. Genius. Done!

Meet my 7 foot "garage sale" find.

Fortunately Glue Sticks' husband is a professional painter. I gave him a ring and asked for his advice on painting my tree. Primer.

I feel like I grow up a little bit more every time I use primer - any one else? I just feel so wise and patient :)

I took the boy one with me to buy paint. He was really excited about a painting venture and asked if he could paint too. He got to pick out his very own can of spray paint so that he could do a project. He picked red.  I let him go to town on a canvas while I worked on the tree. It was a fun mother-son DIY moment.

I really am loving the way it's turned out, though none of the pictures show quite the true colour of the tree. There really isn't any purple hue to it at all. It's a very pretty pale pink.

I searched the web before I started to see if there were any tips on painting a Christmas tree. None. Go figure! Here are a few things I learned:
  • Primer really is a good idea. Go water based.
  • Do not use cans of spray paint. It'll cost a fortune as you'll blow through a gazillion of them. I used at least 3/4 of a gallon of paint.
  • Use a high velocity low output paint sprayer. 
  • Start by spraying the underside of the branch and then move to the top. Then spray from each side. Pull apart branches and really get into the root.
  • Spray from absolutely every angle and when you've got them all, find another one!

The thing about DIY is not necessarily that you can do it for less money. Often times I spend more making it myself. What I like though is that I can create something original.

I'm quite excited to decorate my pink tree. I'm going to need to find new ornaments as my current colour scheme won't really work. I can't wait for Halloween to be over so I can start perusing Sally Anne for vintage ornaments!

Here's another pic from Pinterest. I think I'll do it in the window next to the tree :)

And aren't these "Santa Sacks" adorable? I love the look of presents under the tree but I think I'll make a couple to pack family gifts in for transport over the holidays. So cute!

Still not ready for winter but at least I can look forward to my pink tree :)

Oh... and another happy note... I was thrilled on Friday to have my FAVOURITE fabric designer Heather Bailey do a feature on our camper Elsie! I used fabric from her Pop Garden collection in the makeover and she wrote a sweet little post on our Elsie journey. Thanks Heather!

If you haven't seen it you can check it out here!


  1. Heather's post is what originally brought me to your dear blog... what a happy discovery it has been.

  2. I too have decided I must have a pink xmas tree but finding one in Australia practically impossible. I decided you "must be able to paint one, right? " . well, im so glad I found your blog. thank you for your tips. you have a beautiful family and they are very lucky to have such a creative and interesting wife and mum. thanks again.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you found some inspiration for painting your own tree. I feel a bit of a kindred spirit - there's not a lot of people who will paint a Christmas tree in this world :) Ha. All the best. Send me a pic when you finish!

  3. I too am from Australia and just had the same idea as Anna! I'm so glad to think that I can actually paint a tree pink :) Thank-you so much for your post!!! Can't wait to get spraying :)

  4. I purchased a tree today at the garage sale for $2 a little one about 3 feet maybe. I want to do mine gold. I have heard that Floral spray paint works, but like you said for a big tree would take tons.


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