Stick Wreath

We saw this pin on Pinterest over the weekend. Gorgeous. Let's do it.

We set a date. Tuesday night.
We'll probably need more glue sticks... Kim offered to pick them up.
I texted that we might need around 3 bags each.
She called back later and left a message that she had bought 17.
17 packs.

After we put the kids to bed the tall one asked, "When is 'glue sticks' coming over?"
That will hence be her name on this blog :)

The boy one helped me gather a huge bucket of sticks. And by help I mean he fought off all the trees with a big stick sword.

We ended up with these beautiful wreaths. I don't have pics of glue sticks' wreaths but they are stunning. 
It's easy peasy lemon squeezy:
- Cut a round piece of cardboard.
- Glue sticks around the cardboard.
- Make fabric rosettes and glue in a ring to cover the cardboard showing through the sticks.

Glue sticks learned a lot about hot glue... namely that it hurts and gives blisters :)

We were up until almost 3 am. Yikes. I prayed as she left that God would make our 4 hours of sleep we would get feel like 8. He did. So thankful for that.

Now I can't decide where to put the wreath. Front door?

Gate? Doesn't really show up...

Inside on my gray wall? I think that's what I'm leaning towards.

Fun night. Great project. And I think glue sticks is more crafty than she knows :)


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