Elsie's New Duds!

The tall one made some great progress on Elsie this week! I'm so thankful that he's come on board with the project - he's pretty great that way :) As you remember, I completely ripped apart the one front corner which included tearing out a large section of rotted floor. I wasn't too sure of how exactly to replace it and attach it to the metal frame and such so the tall, handsome one spent a few nights getting it prepped and then replacing the floor. It' so snazzy! All we have to do now is frame in the corner and attach the paneling before we're ready to clean and paint! Wa hoo!

The feeling of making a little headway made we want to get going on some of the more fun decorating elements of this reconstruction, aka FABRIC SHOPPING!!!

I had found a couple of prints I was interested in on Fabric.com but hadn't been able to find what I wanted in a heavy enough fabric to hold up as the covers for all the cushions.... until today!

I truly think the Lord was at work here. Sounds insane to say that God was providing fabric... but he totally was.

First I found this beauty in a cotton duck cloth for only $6/yard. "Oxygen Lipstick Dots" will be covering all the "bottom" cushions (or the ones you sit on.)

In the "You May Also Like" sidebar I found "Dandi Dot Lipstick" and yes... I did like. This one will be the back cushions (or the ones you sit against.)

Next came the curtain dilemma. "Pop Garden Daisy" was one of the first fabrics I liked for the camper as it incorporated all three main colours (teal, red, yellow) that I was using in one fabric. Initially I wanted it for the cushions but figured maybe it could work with the polka dots as the the curtains... I ran to the neighbours with my laptop and she gave me the stamp of approval.

However, when I went to order it I realized there were no yards in stock. Bummer. So then I checked at least 10 different websites including Heather Bailey's (the designer) own shop site - no. such. luck. Grrr. Back to searching I went, now determined to find another fabric that had all three colours in it. On Heather Bailey's website I found this beauty...
"Rose Bouquet Cream" Love it! I went back to the neighbour and she said it was even better than pop garden. She knows what to say... she's good like that :) Rose bouquet went in the basket!

While I was in the fabric mode I decided to treat myself to another favourite designer's fabric - Amy Butler. I've been in love with "Love: Teal Bliss" for a while now and so I added a few yards to my virtual shopping cart and hit "complete order"! I think I'll make Hanny a little dress from it and maybe something for myself :)

 Going through the "check out" I was able to get free shipping as well as an additional %25 off my entire order (even the sale stuff) because of a July 4th weekend sale. Divine.  I can't wait to get all these fabrics and get sewing!


  1. Question about your fabric, is it an upholstry fabric?

    1. Hi! Both polka dot fabrics were a cotton duck which is a heavier fabric. The curtains are just a plain cotton. I like that they move and hang nicely and didn't want a stiff fabric on the windows.


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