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I'm loving the new scrunch tote that I made but am finding, as I do with most large bags, that I just keep filling it and it becomes a crazy mess. We only carry a diaper bag if we're gone for a whole day and otherwise I just toss an extra diaper and wipes in my purse. (Side note: I have decided that I will carry a pack of wipes with me for the rest of my life). My friend Jen shared a tutorial for a diaper clutch that she made on her blog Shadow of Grace and since it was fresh in my mind I decided to try it out.
I love it!

Now I have something to keep the essentials in order and like Jen mentions in her tute, it's nice for the dads to be able to grab and take for a changing as well.

Next on my list of things I need to make was an iphone pouch. My phone doesn't always make it into the cell pocket in my purse and even when it does I worry that the screen will get scratched. I started by measuring the phone. It was roughly 2.5" by 4.75".

I then cut a piece of outer material and a piece of felt lining 8" x 6" each.

Fold in half (so it's 3"x 8") and sew 2 sides (bottom and side). On the felt lining piece leave a 1.5 inch opening on the bottom for turning out. Now turn the outer fabric right side out and place it into the lining fabric (right sides will be facing).

Insert a hair elastic between the outer and the lining fabric on one side of the top of the pouch and pin. Then sew along the entire top opening and reinforce across the elastic.

After sewing, trim the elastic and corners.

Now pull the outer fabric through the hole in the lining and turn it all out.

Fold in the fabric around the opening left for turning and then sew it shut.

Next, stuff the lining into the out fabric and line up the seams and corners. Place your phone into the pouch and pull the elastic over until it is taut. Mark where the edge of the elastic comes to when tight, line up the center of the button with the mark and then sew in place.

Done! Now you can add it to your little collection of scrunch tote, diaper clutch and iphone pouch :)

Stand back and admire your super organized tote :)


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