Guest Post for 12 Stone Dance: Photo Challenge

Hi all!
Today I'm guest posting for my good friend Dani on 12 Stone Dance. Due to the immense amount of formatting a post like this takes I'm putting up here as well as there so it's a little easier on us all :)

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Monique Willms and Pocket Full of Whimsy is one of my many creative outlets and kind of a place to bring them all together. I retired from teaching Junior High English after I became a mom to "the boy one" and "the girl one". Now I am the photographer behind Blink Photography and a weekly columnist over at Lifestyles (ifamily). I love most things vintage, love creating, love Jesus and I love "the tall, dark and handsome one" whom I do this thing called life with :)

Now onto the challenge... a month ago Dani contacted me with a challenge to complete a photo scavenger hunt. We were to take a different picture everyday for 26 days. Seemed pretty easy... kind of forgot though that June is my craziest month for photography, between grads, families, maternitys and newborn shoots I was absolutely swamped! So, I challenged myself to go through all my archives and find my pictures there :)

Self Portrait

2. Favourite Shoes
Hmm... This was really hard. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings :) But, I'll go with my new "vintagy" Pumas that I got for my birthday.

3. Hands
With this challenge in mind I took this photo during a family session. I saw the idea on Pinterest.


4. Books
I'm a book lover. I have a lot of books. I hate the clutter. I've recently converted to a Kindle lover. These are my books :) (taken with iphone)

5. High Angle
This pic is proof that summer is finally here. Some of our favourite peeps hanging out in the kiddie pool.

6. Fresh Fruit

7. Animal
We don't have a lot of animals in our lives (unless you count the cats I'm trying to trap, the birds on the wire or the wormans) so here is the boy one, all little, cuddling his stuffed dog.


8. Silhouette
Fun shadow play with a maternity client.

9. Sunflare
Sun flare on the belly - same maternity client.

10. Reminds you of childhood
My grandpa built this little playhouse for my mom and her siblings. I played in it so much as a kid! Cleaning, making cardboard food, and having pretend sleep overs in the loft.

11. Someone you love
I chose this pic because when I see it, it makes my heart literally hurt with love. Sounds cheesy but when I see my kids all puffy faced from sleep and needing cuddles I just love them so much!

12. Action
What really do I need to say?

13. Mason Jar
This is the jar we used for Hannah's birthday. Every body filled out a little note and wrote blessings to give to her when she turns 18.

 14. Eyes

15. Water
At Morin Lake. Lovely water but what's even awesomer is the muscles.

16. Up Close

17. Black and White

 18. Love
Literally - the word love. Clients.

19. Favourite Colour
Currently yellow. Especially paired with gray or teal. Here is a collection of my yellow things. Sugar bow and butter dish from Anthropologie and the yellow bird was carved by my Grandpa. He's so talented.

20. Your weekness - Vintage Sheets!
 I just can't pass them up. My obsession also includes vintage quilts and afgans.

21. Transportation
  I always wanted a motorized vehicle as a kid. I now live vicariously through my children.

22. Low angle
The boy one flying a kite.

23. Yourself with 10 Things
My ten fingers/thumbs... covering my face cause it's early and I'm trying to get this post done!

24. Flower

 25. Picture depicting emotion
Both pics are on Kai's birthday. Han... not so happy.

Kai? Deliriously happy that his day has finally arrived!

26. Camera by your camera
Finished up the hunt using my iphone. The reflection is in the kitchen door with the screen behind.

Thanks Dani for having me on your blog! If you want to see other interpretations of the challenge head over to 12 Stone Dance and check them out!


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