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            It is a true testament to the evolution of technology that I’m going to write a column about the best iphone an ipod apps for toddlers. I remember feeling so advanced when in grade one we received the first Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas and I passed the “flying fish” level! As I recall, our school got dial up Internet when I was in high school. My children though are fully capable of using the DVD players strapped to the seat in front of them and can whip through my iphone almost faster than I can. It is truly a different world to grow up in!
            Now, if you can wrap your head around letting your toddler play with a  $700 phone, I have a few recommendations of applications that will keep them entertained and might even teach them a thing or two. At the very least they are good for fine motor development! Here they are in no particular order:

Helicopter Taxi – this app uses your devices camera to capture a live stream of background that your helicopter can fly around just by tilting. You receive calls and have to make pick ups for various clients.

Piano Free – displays an accurate keyboard that you can play with your fingers. It sounds realistic and you can select a “learn” mode that drops notes that you have to play to play an actual song.

Tappy Tunes – great for babies as all they have to do is tap the screen anywhere and the app will play a note from a song. The tempo in which they tap determines the tempo the song is played at and so they feel like they are playing the song.

Smack Talk – this one is pure entertainment. Everything your toddler says, a really cute guinea pig, puppy, or kitten will say back to them in a squeaky voice reminiscent of “The Chipmunks”. My kids are in constant giggles when playing this.

Little Red Sled – allows your toddler to navigate a sled down a snowy slope and perform tricks on jumps just by tilting and shaking the device.

            All that said, I am a believer that our kids do not have to be entertained every moment of their lives but I do think it’s fun to let them play a few games now and then – especially on road trips!


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