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I have trouble restraining myself when it comes to thrift shopping for two key reasons:

1) It's usually a good deal. More like a really good deal. Like, how could I pass up 5 antique elementary bent wood school chairs for $2 each? You can't, that's right. Be sure to tell the tall one that, he doesn't get it.

2) It's more often than not something you're not going to be able to find again. When you're at Walmart you can pass something up and just go get it if you decide to the next week. Not so with thrifting! If you don't grab it, it's lost. Lost forever.

One great thing about Elsie is that she pretty much counts as another house that I can fill up with cool stuff. Her kitchen needs dishes and what better than vintage Pyrex?


I did a quick little search on Pyrex Love and found out that this is actually a Cinderella Chip and Dip Bowl set only produced as a promotional item in 1958. I just thought they were cool mixing bowls. I'm guessing that the "Cinderella" is referring to the shape of the bowl.
The motif is "Balloons".

Yellow will be one of the main accent colours in Elsie so I've been grabbing what yellow items I can find. The juice pitcher on the left was another score from "Thrifting Tuesday" and will fit perfectly in the camper fridge. The mugs are Tupperware and also have the cool little "lids" that turn into saucers. Awesome. The carafe was from a flea market in Shell Lake.


Old school Tupperware salt and pepper shakes. $0.50 each.

I also found this cute quilt. It's not as great as the others and I was going to use it as a bed quilt but I think I'll just use it for a beach blanket instead. It's Fortrel on the front and back so it'll wear well :)

I was quite pleased with my haul and was even making it out of the store before any child melt downs (mostly due to the fact that I allowed my son to ride a trike that was for sale up and down the aisle!) when Dani spotted a really cool vintage camera. She went to purchase it along with the box when we realized that the box was actually for another cool camera.

This was one of those if I don't get it I'll lose it forever kind of times and so I got it. It's a cool old Brownie with flash! Now I just need to figure out where to display it.

I can't wait to start organizing all these goodies into the camper shelves. Someday when I'm able to take time and just sit I will read these 2 magazines that I've been waiting over a month for due to the mail strike.


Hopefully the sitting time comes before we're on actual vacation but I'm not holding my breath!


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