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 I'm always on the look out for events going on in our area that might be family friendly. It's surprising actually how many cool little events do take place without the majority of the population ever knowing.

One of the ways I keep "in the know" is by checking bulletin boards in the stores and malls. If I see a poster for an event I'd like to check out I just take out my phone and click a picture of it so I can reference it later. It makes it a lot easier than having to take down phone numbers and dates and times. That's how I found about this little Show and Shine out at T & T Rods.

My son, like most 3 year old boys is obsessed with cars. We thought it'd be a great little outing for him to see some cool old cars.

Unfortunately he was exhausted and grouchy the whole time and really could have cared less about the cars but we still had a good time looking around.

This is me with the car I would have driven home :)


Somebody's in a time out :)

 Dean would love a truck and I'm more of an SUV girl. However, I would buy this truck... and it's for sale!

Dean and his matching vehicle :)

Gotcha! Grandma chased after the Hannah one a lot!

Love this colour!

Hannah with her matching vehicle. A pink truck... I could see her driving one in the future.

We are so grouchy! NEED NAPS!

Sigh... this is the same as Dean's first truck (except his was blue). It was the truck he'd pick me up a block from my house and offer me a ride home from school before we started dating. It was the truck he picked me up for our first date in that set off car alarms in the underground parking because the exhaust was so loud. It was the truck I could hear driving by my house every day signaling Dean was home from work. So many great memories. I'm so sad he sold it... if only we had had the foresight.

Here's a cool little mis-matched truck. The bed has an old furnace grate welded on with milk jugs.

Notice the old shotgun?

My favourite part... the burlap bag seat covers!

If you're in the Estevan area there is another Show and Shine this Saturday (June 18) on 4th street. There will be a BBQ, model airplane flying, sales by the local shops, a balloon artist and what we're most excited for... a free showing of Cars at the theatre for the first 400 people in the seats! Kai would love to watch Cars in the theatre!

Maybe we'll see you there!


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