Elsie | An update :)

So I've gotten a few emails and comments asking about the status of Elsie. Well... she's not where I thought she'd be by almost the end of June, that's for sure!

I did get her to the point where she was all "de-moused" and totally cleaned out, ready for bleaching but then I discovered her front end was in a bit poorer shape than we had initially thought. Turns out the adventure here shook a bunch of stuff loose and then the extreme moisture here accelerated rot and mold growth. Oi. I was so bummed to learn we had to rip the front end apart as well. I was so excited to start painting!

It never seemed like a good time to work on her as we decided the house and actual yard should take priority but today I couldn't wait any longer. I put the kids down for their nap and I headed out to Elsie with a hammer, a pink flat screwdriver, my drill and a shop vac and got ready to do a little demo... in a dress.

This corner was nasty. I had to rip off the top of the seat and then take out the storage shelf behind it. There was so much rot I could crumble the studs. Good riddance! The demo would have gone a little smoother with a mini pry bar (I'm so buying one tomorrow!) but I did manage by hammering my pink flat screwdriver into the tight spots.

 Now I pretty much have everything removed that needs to be and the job is actually way less extensive than the back was as just the one corner was really rotted out. It'll be easy to re-frame and slap some paneling. My goal is to start painting by the end of June. :)
 Since the demo pics are kind of boring I thought I'd share a few more inspirations for Elsie.

Yo-yo headboard. I'm wondering how I could incorporate this into the camper somewhere... not sure if it'll happen yet but I think it's pretty cute!

I'm having a hard time finding the perfect durable fabric for the seat cushions and so I think I might experiment with overdying the fabric that my mom re-upholstered them with. I like the fabric but it's more creams, reds and oranges... I'm going to change that ;)

I adore these cushions! Firstly the teal/red combo and secondly the adorable bunting! Not a fan of the bike print but I'd make them with a cute camper print or a silhouette of my kids heads or something :)

 And lastly, I think it'd be cute to frame a sweet print like this in the camper. Retro and colourful - I love it!

Hopefully you'll be seeing Elsie looking a little more finished soon!


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