Craft Night

A few months ago a few us ladies started having somewhat regular craft nights. I love them! Sometimes in the daily grind of life it's hard to fit in time to work on a project let alone do a project with somebody else. This gives an excuse not only to get some crafting in but to spend time building relationships over a common interest.

Usually how it works is whoever is hosting that particular night picks a project and sends out the materials list in advance. It's really cool to see what people come up with and I love being inspired by other creative people as well as learning new skills from them.

Mandie from Holding their Hands was in charge of our last craft night but unfortunately her basement filled up with sewage so we moved venues to my basement :)

Don't you love my exposed insulated wall? It's super urban chic :)

We're making fabric covered wooden bead necklaces that can be used as teething necklaces, meaning that while you're wearing a super cute necklace you don't have to worry about your baby gnawing on it cause that's what it's there for!

They're super easy to make. Mandie found wooden beads for us all and we each just sewed a "tube" of fabric wide enough to fit the beads in and then just tied a knot around each bead and added another. We used ribbon for ties to complete them.

 Here are all our beauties. It took considerably longer to turn out those long skinny tubes than we had expected, otherwise it's a super quick project! We're missing Brandi's here as she had to leave early.

Can't wait for the next craft night and what I'd really love to do is a whole craft retreat!


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