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Maybe I should rename my blog to "Things I Saw on Pinterest and then Made". What can I say? It' s just such a great compilation of inspiration!

Now, it's not like I need any more furniture or anything but I already had this little white kids table sitting on the veranda. I didn't really know what to do with it but couldn't quite part with it. Then, I saw this cute idea on Pinterest.

A chalkboard table with a built in chalk bowl! Genius!

First I started by eyeballing the center of the table (I could have measured but I'm actually a pretty insane "eyeballer". It's a gift really.) and traced out the bowl.

Next, I assembled the necessary tools from the newly organized shed.
- Drill
- Jig Saw
- Drill bit set

Pick out a hole cutting bit from the set and insert it into the drill.

You want to drill a hole into the table to give you a place to insert your jig saw blade to allow you to cut the circle. Note that I drew a second circle inside the traced circle that I'll be cutting on (so that the table will catch the lip of the bowl). Also, in the picture I drilled a hole in to the center but I should have done it touching the line I needed to cut to make it easier to get the blade inline with where I needed to cut.

Next, put on your safety glasses! Time to use a saw!

Pop you jig saw in there and start cutting! Tip: press the trigger and get the blade moving BEFORE you touch the wood with the blade otherwise it'll just jump around. Also, go slow and steady. If it starts jumping, you're going too fast and it can't cut as fast as you're guiding it.

All done! Now sand the edges down a bit.

Next whip out your trusty can of chalkboard spray paint and start spraying. Remember: short, even bursts in a think layer.

After it was painted I let it dry for 24 hours. Before you let your kids at it, you need to rub the entire surface with a piece of chalk and then brush it off to "cure" it.

I absolutely love this project and it was so easy. We keep it on the deck and veranda and the kids go to it immediately. It's a great way to encourage "art time" while we're playing outside!


  1. what kind of drill bit organizer is that?

    1. I'm not sure of the brand but it all came together. I think they are fairly common at any hardware store or Canadian Tire. I like that it rolls up rather than being a hard case as it's way easier to store.


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