DIY | Grunge Family Tree T-shirt

Last weekend we celebrated both my 30th birthday as well as Fathers Day - on the same day. In truth we spread out the festivities over the whole weekend and took turns spoiling one another. It worked out pretty good.

I was so proud of myself for being on the ball this Fathers Day and ordered one of the tall one's gifts on June 6! Amazingness right? Yeah... it's still not here. Canada Post has been on strike and were just legislated back to work today. Thus... I'm still waiting for the sweet gift to come in the mail for him.

That gift (which I'll reveal when it gets here) was more of the DIY gift and so we also ordered him a motorcycle jacket from I had it delivered to Noonan, ND (for the fast/free shipping) and went down to get it only to discover that the owner of the hardware store (where we send UPS packages) decided randomly not to be open that morning. GRRR. So back to Canada I went, giftless.

I could have gone back on Monday to get it but alas South East Saskatchewan experienced the flood of the century on Sunday and part of the road to Noonan was completely washed away down stream. Actually, quite a few roads were under water or washed out and one of the most landlocked, waterless areas of the world became an island for a while. We still kind of are...

All that to say... I still wanted to give the tall one something on Fathers Day so we made a shirt for him together as a family. A "grunge family tree" shirt :)

This really doesn't need instructions but I'll walk you through our process anyhow.

First we painted the trunk of the tree onto shirt with a paint brush and set up a plastic lid to smoosh our hands into! The tall one had to restrain the girl one and she was not to happy about it :(

We used the parents hands to form the bottom "leaves" of the tree and had the kids place their hands near the top. The boy one was being very patient :)

Ta da! 

 I'm pretty happy with the result and so is the tall one. It's something he'll enjoying wearing because of the significance as well as the aesthetic.

You definitely don't need to wait for Fathers Day to make one. I think it's a sweet gift for any occasion!


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