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 I've been seriously blessed by the people who read my weekly column "ifamily". There isn't a week that goes by that I don't run into someone around town who tells me they read my article and shares about an idea that they've tried with their own family. It's so rewarding and makes writing the column each week that much more fun!

Still one of our favourite date nights and conversation starter with anyone we know is "I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!" If you missed the original post I'll summarize. You get to pick something that you love to eat and eat ALL of it! No guilt, no sharing - it's divine.

We shared this idea with my sister-in-law Crystal and asked her what she'd eat. She didn't even hesitate... "Cake!" It wasn't too surprising as my SIL is pretty much a cake eating rock star. She's a crazy healthy eater but I've never seen anyone pound back a cake or pie for that matter like her! A true champion.

Recently she decided to throw a ICBIATWT party with a group of her friends in Calgary - so fun!

Here is her cake. I love what she had written! Ba ha ha!

The whole gang and their "yummies" of choice.

 The homemade "Mom's special recipe" cake, which was apparently quite decadent! He needed a little help eating it ;)

As you can see there was a valiant effort by everyone and though some didn't technically eat the "whole thing" they did eat until they could eat no more and that is the very essence of the activity :)

Well done Calgarians! And thanks Crystal for sharing the pics of your evening!


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