DIY | Vintage Dish Magnetic Pin Holder

Being the "fly by the seat of my pants" sewer that I am I had rarely up until this year used pins when I was sewing. Having children has taught me patience and I attribute that to the reason why I was willing to giving pinning a chance - wow what a difference it makes! I know, it's pretty obvious that it would! A few months ago I attempted to make a pin cushion out of a baby food jar. You can see it on the left. It's so pathetic it makes me smile :) My issue with it though was that when I was sewing and taking pins out of it I'd just toss them on my sewing table. Not to safe for the littles in the house.

Then I saw this genius idea on..... drum roll please... PINTEREST!!! Ha ha, of course it was on Pinterest. It was a magnetic vintage dish! My version is the pretty new one on the right.

This project is crazy easy. Here's what you'll need:
  • Vintage dish
  • Strong magnets
  • Hot glue
  • Pins
I found these super strong magnets at Dollarama.

First test which side is the "magnetic" side and add a small dab of hot glue to it. Quickly press it onto the dish and hold on tight while going in as the other magnets will try to steal and glue themselves to each other. I'm not speaking from experience or anything :)

Throw your pins in, be amazed at how the stick and hold it upside down just to amaze yourself a little bit more.

 How great is this? I want to make like 18 more but I think that'd be a little bit overkill. They would however make fantastic gifts and there are plenty of other uses for them other than pins. For example, how cute of a teacher gift would this little magnetic tea cup paper clip holder be? I'm a teacher and I would like it :)

Let me know if you try this out and shoot me a pic!


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