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Being outdoors whenever the sun is shining is allowing for so much discussion on nature and wildlife. As many of you know we already have a "Wormen" farm in the corner of the garden. More recently it's become more of a "Wormen Rescue Center". The little jiggers keep ending up in the sandbox and getting all dried out. The boy one then lovingly picks them up with a shovel, dumps them into the Wormen Farm and then goes to grab a watering can to give them a shower. It's quite the little venture and then we get to watch them inch their way under the dirt. Gross and fascinating all at once!

My kids also like to chase the birds in our yard. Apparently we have a lot of Wormen and the birds are hopping around our yard with them dangling from their beaks all the time. Though they're not lacking for food we thought we'd build a little bird feeder today.

First we gathered some supplies. Forgive the blurry pic - I was in a hurry.
  • Wire
  • Wood
  • Glass bottle (I had Starbucks Frapp's bottles but couldn't find them so we made do with an old jar.)
  • Paper (for stencil)
  • Tape
  • Drill/Screws/Bit
  • Salmon tin can

 I cut out a little image of a bird and taped it to the glass, then sprayed with frosting glass spray. I thought it'd add a cute, subtle touch and I really liked it! You can faintly see it there.

I just eyeballed all of my measurements and cut the wood. After I screwed the bottom piece of wood to the backing and then screwed the salmon tin down as well.

Using some type of hole drilling bit (not sure of the proper name) I drilled holes for the wire to go through and then threaded the wire in place to hold the jar. I slipped the jar out, filled it with seed and popped it back in.

Since I had the lid left I used it to hold the seed in place while I tightened the wire and got everything into place.

Then we released it and realized that the whole jar mostly empties into the can! Oh well, we'll fill it more later.  The boy one then showed me where we wanted it screwed to the fence - near the Wormen farm :)

Next we attempted to make a wire contraption to hold bits of yarn that the birds can use when building their nests. I started by wrapping wire around the OFF can for the general structure and then "wove" wire through the sides and on the bottom...

... a wire artist I am not! Ha ha.

The girl one helped me out by smooshing together all the yarn its into a ball and stuffing them into the holder.

Finally we hung it next to the feeder. We debated putting in the trees but weren't sure if the birds would find it there. This way it's all in one convenient location... like a little birdie Stop n' Shop!


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