The Story of Pink Lemonade

Last year my friend Megan and I were seeing a lot of indie type jewelry popping up in stores and naturally had the thought... "We should make some!"

We had a great night making super fabulous jewelry and had the hunger to design more! So we did, but it was more than either of us could wear. It was out of this that Pink Lemonade was born for me!

Here is the story of Pink Lemonade that graces my actual "Pink Lemonade" facebook page.

There are a few things that I need daily infusions of and they are (besides of course my Jesus and my family) creativity and fun. I read a book recently that devoted itself to the pursuit of daily happiness and the author suggested that “what you enjoyed doing when you were eight is probably something that you’d enjoy doing now – just for fun.” (My paraphrase). Well, I love to make stuff and though I didn’t have many growing up I think Lemonade Stands are fabulous! They’re like little mini businesses you can set up in a day that provide a purpose for the mass production of your creations. A personal supply of my creations is never fully satisfying and thus I am launching “Pink Lemonade” my grown up lemonade stand in case you’d like some of my creations too! Anything I create is fair game. Bib necklaces, earrings, tutus, headbands, stock photography and whatever the next thing that inspires me is! Because I’m determined for this to be fun and not work – if I don’t feel like making something any more I won’t be, so get it while it’s there! Feel free to check out my “Pink Lemonade” stand where I’ll be hawking my stuff!

This still rings very true for me today and as the "dive right in" kind of person I'm proud of myself for keeping it fun and not feeling like it was a job. It's an outlet. I still feel kind of self conscious about selling things I make but I have enough people asking me randomly to buy things that I figure I may as well just put a few things out there every now and then!

The part about a lemonade stand being a business you can set up in a day is what really appeals to me! I love designing new businesses! I still quite love the first logo I made :)

Rolling with the lemonade stand theme I had my crafty dad build this rustic stand for me when they were down one weekend. It still sits in my backyard and I love it!

Lately I've had a lot of requests for some of the fabric headbands I make. Here are a few that I've just put up in my "stand". They can also be put on elastic headbands to make them a bit more friendly for newborns. However, these headbands look great on any age. My 16 month old daughter wears them, our teenage friends wear them and I (almost 30) wear them!

Sunshine Ruffle on Yellow Band (plastic) $5

Citrus Flower on Orange Band $5

Lemon Sherbert (one on blue and one on yellow band) $5 each

Sunshine Ruffle on Green band $5

Here's the Hannah one rocking all the headband styles. Absolutely adorable!

You can check out Pink Lemonade for these headbands and everything else I randomly put up!


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