Officially a Soccer Mom

I've long awaited the day where I would become a soccer mom. I got in line early and registered the boy one for 6 & under soccer and bought his cute little soccer gear. We practiced in the back yard, me instructing him to "get it away from Mommy!" When getting his first lesson from the tall one, the little tall one quite frankly melted down. "It's my turn! You have to share!" There were tears... a lot of tears. He hadn't napped we noted so we best make sure he has a good nap on the day of his first soccer game.

Guess who didn't nap on the day of his first soccer game? Oh boy.

Nap or no nap - he arrived in style :)

We ventured over to field 7 (aka not even a field and way out by the road) with the Hannah one and pseudo Auntie Dani and Uncle Matt (the boy one had the largest cheering section by far!) Once their warm-up started I pulled Kai aside to reinforce the "no hands" rule. And cue meltdown!

It was a doozy - in front of a good 30 people. Awesome. Finally he calmed down and went off with his team and was in his absolute glory! As soon as the ball was kicked Kai and this other boy just ran beside each other laughing and screaming. So cute!

Most of the game he kind of "soared" around. Very intense!

Yay - first soccer game as a family!

We were very proud parents. Kai was the youngest on the team and he ran hard with a smile on his face the entire game. As the game progressed most of the younger kids meandered off the field and went to have rests or tantrums because they weren't getting the ball but Kai ran his little butt off and had a blast!


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