Springspiration Craft Challenge!

It's here! Welcome to reveal week of my "Springspiration Craft Challenge!"

Over a month ago I contacted 5 friends who are crafty and also have blogs and presented with a little challenge. Rockstars that they are they all accepted and I sent off the packages. Each received a 400 square inch piece of a vintage sheet, 2 mini doilies, an arms length of bakers twine, an arms length of pearls and a wooden button. There was also a clothespin that the twine was wrapped around and I didn't specify till later that it wasn't part of the material so you may see it in a few projects!

So, each day I'll post a little bio and a teaser picture of the project that someone made and send you on your way to their blog to see the full post. All I have are the teasers and I'm so excited to see what everyone made!

We're going to start the week with me... not because I think I'm all that but because Mandie who was scheduled to go first had her basement fill with "poop water" as she puts it. Major bummer :(
So without further ado.... here is my "Mom's Time Out Kit". The idea came to me after hearing another mommy friend tell me about how her son was picking up some of her lingo and would go to the stairs and say "I just need space!" I laughed and related - I feel that way many times through out the day! I decided to make a little door hanger that reads "Mommy needs space" and then threw in a eye mask to go with it :)

Need your own? Start by cutting a rectangle measuring 4 inches x 10 inches from card stock paper. Draw and cut out a 2 inch (diameter) hole in the middle about an inch from the top and then cut a diagonal line downwards to the outside.

Lay it on your fabric and roughly cut around it (you can trim it to fit better after it's sewed to the paper later.)
Then place your fabric in the embroidery hoop and lightly write your text in pencil. I used bakers twine to embroider (you need a bigger needle) but you could use regular embroidery floss.

Once you embroider your text you can then sew the fabric to the card stock. Don't cut the hole in the fabric until after you've sewn completely around the paper hole and down the diagonal cut.

Add on your embellishments and your door hanger is complete!

Next up I drew out the general shape of an eye mask and then added a 1/2 inch all around for a seam allowance. I cut one of the vintage sheet, quilting batting and a flannel (for against the eyes.)

Stack them in this order: batting, outside, inside (against eyes) and be sure to put the right sides of the 2 fabrics facing each other. Measure out a piece of elastic that fits snugly around your head and then pin it inbetween the 2 fabrics where you want it to go. The elastic should all be tucked in between the fabric so it ends up on the outside after you turn it.

Pin the rest of the mask and then sew leaving a 2 inch opening at the top for turning. Next, trim close to your seam except for the opening. Turn it out, fold and press the opening and then sew shut. I added my half doily (eye lids) after sewing with glue but only because I was indecisive otherwise I would have done it first.

Now that you have your little set complete you can hang it on your door knob and shut the door to get a little piece and quiet or...

just pull it out wherever and whenever you need a break... like in the backyard with kids crawling all over you :)

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back each day to see 5 different projects from all the same materials!


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