A Bit of Randomness

This pile of sheets makes me very happy.
Organized by size... a whole stack of vintage goodness.

I can't wait to start into these. I have many plans. I'm going to need more. That's O.K. :)

First off, all the quilts in the camper are going to be made from vintage sheets. I'm so excited.

I'm also thinking that the new bedding for the kids new room is going to involve vintage sheets provided I can find the right ones. I'm fairly certain the colour scheme will be cream with teal and yellow accents. I think it'll work for a boy/girl shared bedroom.

I'm very excited about what I'll be featuring on Pocket Full of Whimsy next week. I call it "Springspiration!" I contacted 5 friends who also blog and asked if they'd be up for a bit of a crafty challenge. They are all awesome and all said "Bring it!" (Well maybe not in those words but the sentiment was definitely there.)

The challenge? Use the materials in the package to create something. Pretty simple, pretty wide open. I am so excited to see what they all come up with. I have mine about half done.

So, be sure to stop by next week when I feature a new friend and their project each day!


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