Gettin' my Mennonite On!

Anyone who has Mennonite blood running through their veins will likely salivate when I say the word "Rolkuchen". Those who don't will look at me funny and say "huh?"

A good Mennonite would likely give their left arm for some Rolkuchen (German or Low German for Roll Cookies). I pretty much would marry them if I wasn't married already.

Watermelon started showing up in the grocery stores last week and so I picked one out and grabbed my ingredients for Rolkuchen. Again, if you're Mennonite you know that Watermelon and Rolkuchen is pretty much a divine pairing :)

It was raining so I putzed around the kitchen in my PJ's making the friend dough treat with my little man.
Such a good helper!
I had to use my Wok because the tall one left my deep fryer at the church (3 years ago and we just realized now! Ha ha - so ECOG if you find a deep fryer...)

Mmm.... can't wait!

What you do while you're frying... drive your mini quad through the flour :)

All done!

I knew this would by my Rolkuchen bowl when I saw it on my Mom's table! No I didn't steal it, she had one for me too (though I probably would have, had she not gotten me one too!)

Oh the goodness!

That's a lot of Rolkuchen. We ate in 2 days... not even ashamed.


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