Elsie's 1st Adventure!

Here we are embarking on our first adventure with Elsie. We attached a hitch to the truck, ripped the back end of her out to the tin walls, framed and panelled her, put the beds back in and hooked her up to the truck. Elsie was set to take on the longest road trip in her most recent life... Northern Saskatchewan to the Southern most corner of the province. We said a little prayer :)

Fist pumps for Elsie!

After passing Davidson we soon figured out that pulling a trailer requires much, much more fuel. Unfortunately it was past 10 pm and there was not a gas station to be found that was open. Eeek! We pulled into Lumsden on "E" and trolled the town looking for gas. No such luck. This was not good. There was a huge hill immediately ahead and we were bound to run out of gas on it... really not good.

We had been praying for gas and weren't finding any. Finally I prayed, "God, please just give us wisdom and show us what to do right now." Immediately I started telling Dean to slow down and pull into the Esso station we were passing. He did. Maybe they'd have pumps you could pay at after closing? They did not.

I called Dad and asked for his CAA #. I phoned CAA and spoke to a very rude CAA agent that told me I couldn't use Dad's CAA but that she'd sign me up for my own account. I told her I'd call back.

Dean went to speak to the RCMP station right next door. They were no help. On his way back he noticed a tow truck parked in the Esso lot and called the number on the door. No answer. Ugh. He called again - the guy picked up! Unfortunately due to flooding Lumsden was closed off and it would take him over an hour to get to us and he'd have to charge and arm and a limb.... but "Oh wait! You're at the Esso? Don't I have a truck parked there? There's a jerry can in the back, just leave me a $20 for the gas."

Seriously?! Dean went to search the truck... it was midnight at this point. He found the jerry can and filled us up enough to make it to Regina.

Isn't it cool how God works in even the small things? We prayed for direction and God sent us to a parking lot with a tow truck parked in it that had the gas we needed to complete the trip and moved a guy to trust some strangers with his stuff. Thank you Jesus!

The children were not enjoying this little adventure and were cranky and overtired. They wouldn't go back to sleep and we had to have a truck dance party to Sugarland the entire way to Regina!

Unfortunately the adventure does not end there. Dean dropped us off at the Delta hotel (where we were staying) and went to go find the Arnold Brothers semi lot to park the trailer there for the 2 days we were staying in Regina. On the 10 block journey there Elsie got a flat. It was no surprise.. the tires were 48 years old. So he pulled over and changed the tire. Then he found the lot... it was locked. Arg!

It was 3 am and so he just went to the next lot (of some random business) and unhitched the trailer there. Just as he finished he saw an Arnold Brothers semi pulling into the lot and unlocking the gate! He ran over and asked the driver to keep it open for him and he re-hitched the trailer and parked it in the correct lot. Seriously, what are the chances!

So thanks to my Ninja husband and the Lord, Elsie made it through her first adventure. We treated her to 2 brand new tires before we headed home to Estevan :)


  1. I can't wait to watch as Elsie develops into all you have dreamed her to be!


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