Vanderboys :)

The "Vanderboys" are some of my favourtest boys around :) They and their super cool parents (Nick and Megan) are pretty much family and we're blessed to know them. Here's what I love about the Vanderboys...

First off I love how Kayd can rock the mohawk. He's cool that way :) I love how Kayden really thinks about everything and seeks to understand. You can see his gears working constantly to understand the world around him and things like grace, forgiveness, and sharing :) At almost 4 years old he is wise beyond his years... I think he was probably wise beyond his years even in diapers!

Oh and I forgot... I love Kayden's "Blue Steel" pose :)

I love Jude's sense of adventure and his determination. He sets his mind to something and he does it. He constantly amazes me with his athletic feats and the things he can climb or scale. I love how he runs to give me hugs when he sees me and how kind and compassionate he is with little babies like Hanny. I also love his "awkward arm" :)

Kes is soooooo sweet. I love that sweetness and his laid back personality. I love how he likes to just chill in the swing and how patient he is with Hanny (who is always going for his face!) I can't wait to see him grow more and more into who he is!

The boys' Auntie Kim calls them the "Vanderboots"... so here's a little pic of the Vanderboots - literally.
I can't wait to meet the fourth installment to the Vander-clan in April! Love you Vanderboys!

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