ifamily - Fairytale

This past nine months has been nothing short of a fairytale. We decided early in on in the pregnancy of our daughter that we would scrimp and save to put away enough money so that my husband Dean could take the Parental Leave, as I hadn’t gone back to work in between kids. Best. Decision. Ever. To begin with, I have an amazing husband. He gives 110% at absolutely everything he does whether it be working and providing for our family or being at home full time and parenting. I will never forget what it was like to wake up every morning with my spouse beside me. I am crazy thankful for the gift he gave me pretty much every morning of sleeping in a little later since I had been the one getting up at night to nurse Hannah. I will never forget what it was like to get up with our kids, make a pot of coffee and just relax on the deck as a family – every day! I will never forget the texts I’d get from Dean while I was subbing describing how he was feeding Hannah with a medicine dropper because she wouldn’t take a bottle. I will never forget waking up on any random weekday and deciding to head down for Minot for the day to take in the Zoo and do a little shopping. This season has been the most amazing season of our lives. It is a rare blessing for a family to be able to spend almost an entire year together every day. I know I will see the effects of this time for years to come in our kids. My son had his dad to play with, follow and model himself after every day, all day for nine months. I can see already how his character has been forever influenced in such a positive way. My daughter has been cared for her entire infancy by both parents and has bonded as such. Unfortunately this season is ending for us next week but we will treasure it forever. If you ever have the opportunity to split a parental leave I HIGHLY recommend it cause everyday is pretty much a fairytale.

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