Chalkboard Speech Bubble DIY

I've been seeing these chalkboard speech bubbles being used as photo props and decided that I must have one for myself! I am far too impatient to order one online (you can find them on various Etsy stores) so I figured I'd make my own. I bought the supplies right away but it took me a couple of weeks to actually get around to making one (so it probably would have been faster to order one) but I enjoy getting the craft on!

To start I stole some colouring paper from my kid's craft table (li
ke the hole in the wall? My son's handiwork!) If you don't have a nifty roll of paper like this you can use newspaper to create your pattern.

Next I drew a pattern. Here's the easiest way... Use a ruler to draw a square or rectangle the size you'd like your bubble. I did 14 " by 18 ". On each corner measure 1 1/2 " from the corner. Free hand a curve between the two points. Repeat for each corner. Then, pick the side you'd like the "tail" on and measure 4 " down and then make a "triangle" from the end point back to the bubble. Round the corners on the tail as well and then cut out.
Tape your pattern to a sheet of hardboard. ( I picked this up at the hardware store and could buy a half sheet of it). I think it was 1/4 " hardboard. It's super light and you can write on it. Trace your pattern onto the board.
Use a jigsaw to cut out your shape. With hardboard it'll chew up the edges a bit so you'll need to sand them with a fine grit paper.

After you have everything cut and sanded (just the edges) you need to spray a coat of primer (well I did at least, my dad would be so proud that I did ALL the steps!). After the primer I used a paper bag to lightly sand the entire surface (another nifty trick I learned from my dad :). Then spray your chalkboard paint (or roll it on.) Follow the directions on the can :)

Here they are all painted up and drying in the sun. It says to let cure for 24 hours and then rub with chalk but I had a shoot that afternoon so I let it cure for about 3 and rubbed the entire surface with chalk. Worked fine for me.

My little helper. He's so handy!
And a look at the finished product! Used it with 3 of my fav little boys, the Vanderwalls otherwise known as the "Vanderboots". This was the last pic we took and they were pretty done so we focused on their cute little feet (where you couldn't see the crying) and got a fab picture :)


  1. I love your detail to the directions. I also have a chalkboard door and I find that rubbing it all over with chalk makes it more hazy than I like so I wipe down with a wet cloth so that my writing and/or pictures show up brighter :) Seems to work fine. Love your pictures!

  2. PS...... Your little helper is soooo handsome and cute!!

  3. i think the feet picture is adorable! going to do this, too, with the can of spray paint I have hanging out doing nothing in my craft closet.