Uber Cute Tool Box DIY

I feel like it's kind of important to have somewhat of a sense of style no matter what I'm doing and that goes for building and crafting as well. I have a ton of purses/handbags that I'm not currently using and doubt I will again but that I like and want to have a purpose for keeping. I decided that they work great as cute little tool boxes!

This purple bag is one of my favs but it's far too small for a mom with 2 kids so instead I filled it with my all of my cute pink tools. And I think it's even cuter when my 6' 6" manly husband pulls out my cute purse and uses my pink tools :) Especially in front of his friends :)

I've decided lately that I need to have all my favourite colours of spray paint on hand at all times and they fit perfectly in this big brown purse!

Hope you can recycle your old purses too! Let me know any other ideas you have for them!

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