ifamily - "It's Darken"

It was just after supper on Sunday night when my two-year old looked outside and exclaimed, “It’s darken out there!” And yes, unfortunately it was dark out there, pretty much pitch black at a mere 7 pm! On the up side though it was still over twenty degrees outside and so we decided to go on an evening adventure in the dark. I suggest that while it’s so nice outside that you and your family do the same.
When you have young children such as myself it’s not often that you venture out after dark. Especially during the summer when “dark” does not come until many hours after bedtime. This makes being outside after dark a great novelty for my kids. By just going on a simple walk around the block your kids can see everything in a whole new light (or less light at least!). Things look new and different and they can stop to gaze at the moon and contemplate his facial features.
If you really want to amp it up though you can invest in glow sticks! On our Sunday evening adventure we first outfitted ourselves with glow bracelets. Our son had a fabulous time “cracking” them and seeing the light spread. We also had a glow “sword” which surprisingly provided a huge amount of light and it looked wicked cool! We packed our kids in the stroller and headed down the street towards the park. It was super cute just to see all our little bands of colour strolling down the street.
The park was the highlight of the outing because there were no streetlights whatsoever and we just had our glow sticks to guide us. Because of the lack of light we did need to make sure we were right with our son wherever he went but we all had a blast climbing the play structure and zooming down the slides with our glow sticks high in the air. The great part was that it was just as much fun to watch someone play as it was to play yourself.
Because we are nearing Halloween most stores have different glow stick paraphernalia for sale and you can stock up on quite an assortment. I hope you have the time to take advantage of this great weather and go on a glowing adventure!

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