Boy's clothes turned Little Girl's clothes

I live in a "goods challenged" city. Meaning that there is a lack of good shopping. You can usually find the essentials but anything beyond that is hit or miss. This is overwhelmingly true of cute kids clothes. For a while we had it good with the "Wholesale Club" that carried the JOE line but now all we have is Walmart :( I was desperate for some cute girly clothes to outfit Hanny and when I could find nothing I resorted to grabbing plain onesies that Kai has outgrown and attempting to "girlify" them.

This first one was super simple. I scored a few cute doilies from Sally Anne on "Thrifting Tuesday" (a weekly outing for me) and just sewed them onto an old onesie. Once she's outgrown it I'll take the doilies off and use them on something else :)

Hannah has a lot of baby leg warmers that I have her wear with onesies so I wanted a little detail on the bum of this one. What better than a little ruffle bum?

Measure a piece of fabric twice the length of the area you want to cover. Hem the top and bottom and then make a gathering stitch down the middle (set your machine to the longest stitch and don't reverse. Pull the thread and gather it equally.) Then sew it onto the onesie.

Do the same with another fabric and sew it above the first ruffle. Make as many ruffles as you like, I stuck with two.
How cute is her little ruffle bum?

To embellish the front I made fabric "yo-yo's" out of the same fabrics. Cut a large circle from the fabric and then start stitching a 1/4 inch in from the edge all the way around. Then pull your thread and it'll gather into this little circle. When sewing it to the shirt I added a button to each one. I also sewed two little flower buttons by the overlap on the shoulder for added detail. Make sure they're on good - we don't want a choking hazzard!

We may not have loads of options in this town but I'll be thankful it forces me to get creative. I love her little girlified onesies :)

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  1. love this post mo! and dont forget to take me thrifting this tuesday!