Plaid + Vintage Linens + Cutest Kids in the World = Fall Pics!

After a month of rain, once if finally cleared up I bathed the kids, chopped off Kai's mop, outfitted them in plaid and dragged them to the backyard to get some fall pictures. I've been collecting vintage linens and figured they'd be a cute backdrop for their blue and red plaids - and they were :) I started out just shooting Hanny (because she can't crawl yet and thus has to sit there while I take as many pictures as I like). Kai flabbergasted me and actually asked if he could sit by "The Hannah One" (as he calls her). I kept my cool though...

Everyone always comments how I "cloned" Kai to make a second baby... never really saw it. Yeah they look alike but identical? I see it a little more here :)

What a handsome little man he's turning into...

She is too cute for words!

Ah the wide mouth smile I love!

I used some photo overlays from Pugly Pixel to make their "fall cards" to give out to family and friends (and thereby force them to display my kids on their fridge). I'll post them once I've hande them out.

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  1. Just super cute!!! I can hardly wait to get my "cards" and also for my order to know the drill Hannah looks so much older in that last picture. Please don't grow up too fast...Grandma wants to enjoy you as you are :)