We've been humming and hawing since we got back from our Northern vacay about taking a weekend trip across the border. We thought about Medora and possibly just a quick trip to Minot. Due to the flood devastation in Minot many of the attractions for the kids were not operational (zoo, pool, etc). Thursday morning I called the tall one at work and suggested Bismarck. They had a zoo, a water park, campgrounds... "For when?" he asked.
"How about tonight?"
Enter what was probably eye twitching and cold sweats (the tall one isn't a huge fan of spontaneity).
"Um, yeah. OK."
What the what!!! This never happens. I was truly a proud wife at that moment.

So I called up a few campgrounds and selected the KOA campground because it had a pool :) We drove after supper and arrived in Bismarck around Midnight. I had set up the camper for sleeping before we left so that we could just throw the kids in the camper and go to bed. It worked pretty well except that we couldn't get power to the camper. Grrr. We found out later that it was a certain cord that was tripping all the breakers and when we attached another to it for length we got power. Sweet.

We hit up the Dakota Zoo while we were there. It was great! I highly recommend taking the train ride first as they give you a whole tour of the zoo with interesting tid bits. It helped us plan which animals we wanted to see and ones to skip.

 Check out our wing spans :)

 At the "Large Cat House" you go into this little concrete tunnel that you have to bend in half to travel and enter this glass enclosure... we looked up to see this beast sleeping above our heads!

Great lighting for silhouettes!

Cheesy tourist pictures!

 We had to bribe them to get these or should I say threaten?

We even got a peek at Nemo and Marlin! Excuse the fingerprints on the glass. They were totally "brushing" themselves like in the first scene of Finding Nemo.

Next to the zoo we spied a Ferris Wheel and so meandered over and found a mini amusement park!
The boy one deals with a bit of anxiety but once he saw the girl one on the rides he decided to go with her!

I get motion sick on the trampoline and in the car and on a swing so you can imagine that rides are not really my thing. I would love to be able to go on them but the nausea is just not worth it. The tall one then had to take them on all the "big" rides.

So high...

On the train roller coaster. I'm so impressed that the boy one endured this one. It was pretty fast. On a side note, I think I may frame this pic... there's something about it...

The mini swings. I feel sick just looking at this...

Our campsite at KOA. Nothing like up North but it was clean, well taken care of the owner was super friendly. He even tried to fix our electrical cord for us.

The boy one got a new scooter that he absolutely loves.

We were there 3 days and didn't feel like we got to do it all. We'll definitely be back! It was a crazy fun weekend!


  1. Camping should be a must for every childhood memory! These are great pics! And you're right, the black and white train pic is awesome! Totally frameworthy! -kg


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