Blink Photo | Tregoning Kidlets

The Tregoning kidlets or "Trigonometries" as we sometimes call them are little kids very dear to our hearts. After doing our little Toddler Track and Field event in July we took the opportunity to try and capture a few headshots of Naters and Karah to update the photo gallery in the Tregonging home.

Little miss Karah has a master's degree in ignoring the camera. She doesn't put up a fuss, doesn't scream or cry, she just blatantly ignores that there is a camera there and avoids it in every way she can :)

When she does look at me, she looks a tad bored with the whole ordeal :)

Oh... am I breaking through Rah Rah? I am acting like a completely fool at this point!

Money shot! Karah has such a beautiful spirit and I have no doubt she will know who she is and walk in truth.

Naters is such a sweetheart as well! He was very "GQ" the whole shoot.

Absolutely charming!

Giggle... I love how much him and my son love each other. They are truly friends of the heart.

Kai would call these "Winkles". It's a pretty good "Blue Steel" in my opinion.

Nathaniel is so thoughtful and enjoys life! We love you Nater Potater!

It's such a blessing to capture the faces I love so much...


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