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I was a little apprehensive about how sleeping with a one and three year old in a 16 foot trailer would go but I am pleased to say that it went so smoothly! The kids both slept well and didn't even wake up when we'd come rummaging in the cupboard for late night snacks around the fire. Because of our family lankiness (I don't call him the "tall one" for nothing!), the husband and I each took a bed with one of the kids :)
Here are the kids during their first nap in Elsie. I think I'll always treasure this pic.


I was pretty excited to set up the beds the first night ... not gonna lie. I took my time and took a few pics. My only wish is that I would have had the throw pillows finished in time for the trip.

Here is the bed that's made by putting down the dining table. I can't believe how perfectly the blanket binding matches the paint. Love it. The red checked blanket is Hanny's favourite. Her Grandma bought it for the boy one initially but it's become Han's. She loves to hold the little yarn ties as she falls asleep :)

Here is the magical fiber optic flower clock in one of it's many glowing colours. The children were quite enamored with it and to be honest so were us adults. We kept it running while they fell asleep and until the tall one and I went to bed as a night light.


 They were so enamored with it that we had to continuously haul the girl one down from scaling camper walls to get to it.

The master bed.

The bunk. I found the afgan months ago and love it in Elsie.

The "foot end" of the bunk. Excuse the brightness - there's not a lot of room to bounce the flash in our tiny trailer :) I found the little suitcase at Sally Ann. It's says "I'm going to Grandma's". Perfect. We used it to pack all of his dinky cars and planes.


 Time for bedtime stories!

Cuddles :)

The boy one rocking the bunk bed. He did so well.

The girl one being physically restrained in an effort to keep her laying down :)

The Hannah one and I were bunk mates the first night. This is the face I got to wake up to (not the mention the tiny feet digging into my back that I frequently woke up too all night long!)

We were soon joined by the boy one for some morning cuddles. Love it.

Yay - it's morning!   

 Going into the trip we full had a back up plan that I was sure we'd be using. We were going to head to my parents house (25 min from our lake) to sleep there in separate rooms at least a couple times throughout the week but to our amazement the kids were perfect sleepers all together and we stayed in Elsie every night! It was really neat to see your kids sleep and cuddle next to them. It was a treat to all wake up together and just lounge around sharing cuddles and playing. Good memories were made.

And as a little sign off... here's the boy one and the game he played every morning. "Taking pictures" like Mommy. "Say Cheese!"


  1. I LOVE the Elsie! You've done such a gorgeous job with it and it looks as though you are all making fantastic memories :)


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